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Something’s not right

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Good Morning to you too @Zoe7, what's the temperature where you are? 17°C here

Re: why can't I cope longer?

I think our top today is supposed to be 17 degrees @EOR - still quite chilly here. 

WHat are your plans for today? I need to do a little shopping and then going to settle in for the afternoon to watch footy - I looove my footy Smiley Surprised

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Oh dear, then it must be around 6° for you, chilly. Guess the 'chill factor' in the wind is the real issue if out & about. TAS has to be cooler & I can really feel it at a mere 17, actually, might be mixing reality up with background radio forecast top for the day. No matter which way you look at it, WINTER is coming. Does it snow every winter in Hobart? or just the mountains? I gotta visit Tazzy

You're obcessed with footy! What's to like about footy?

Today I plan to
extract myself out from under this lovely warm snug dooner
enjoy a cup of tea (top priority)
sort out cat & dog
breakfast + pills
shower & dress (4days waiting)
MAYBE get adventurous and
Try drive the car for first time in 2wks since hip injury (bit nervous).
Attend two local open House rental inspections.
Pick up few groceries
Or just stay in bed

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Right at this moment I vote for stay in bed - but I have been up since silly o'clock so the day feels like it has happened around me already @EOR 

Goodluck with everything on your list - even if you only get a few things done it is a win Smiley Very Happy

Yes I do love my footy - have done since I could remember - used to go to the local games every week but haven't done that for a long time - the last thing I want to do in winter now is sit outside in the cold Smiley Surprised

Finished all my shopping and now need to do a few things at home myself before I have another sleep.

Re: why can't I cope longer?

morning @Zoe7 , @EOR 

29 degrees up here today

trying to get stuck into the house today Smiley LOL, having a break at the moment xx

Re: why can't I cope longer?

I wish I was more active like you. Crashed this arvo, NO energy at all.
Leg sore but still improving, near no pain meds now.

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Really sad, don't understand it

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Hugs @EOR 


Re: why can't I cope longer?




TOPIC TUESDAY, everyone playing '''ppy families' planning their trip away, with or without MI, while I'm facing homelessness or give up my only company furbaby... Why am I even alive? How are we suppose to navigate life alone? What's the point when ya have no real earthbonds? Maybe we don't need a reason, we just are 😶


Re: why can't I cope longer?

Hi @EOR,


Sorry to hear your frustration and that Topic Tuesday was a bit hard for you - however you contrubuted in such a valuable way. I know that may not help you in a practical way right now but wanted to let you know and encourage you to realise your own strength. Those are some big hard questions - what are you doing to take care of yourself through this? Any self care while you manage the big things. Have you reached out to any helplines perhaps?

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