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Re: Let's relive the 1980's

lol!!  Jimmy and the oh wow many memories!!!! @TAB 


Yes love Hush Glad all Over too lol

Re: Let's relive the 1980's

yeah brains sort of working, I think of a couple while finding one and forget others @Scarecrowe  lol

Re: Let's relive the 1980's

Glad your liking it @Scarecrowe  it's just coming out of my ears lol 

time for a nap here though

Re: Let's relive the 1980's

lol Yeah I do the same thing @TAB 


Yes liking it lots my friend.....



Re: Let's relive the 1980's

no worries @TAB   enjoy your nap....

I have to sign off as to get ready for tonight and I don't like rushing it so get ready about an hour earlier than I need too....

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, have thoroughly enjoyed it....

I most likely won't be on tomorrow as I have mates coming over to watch the car racing.  So I may not be back on until either Monday or if not Monday then on the weekend I reckon....depends how tiring work is.....


until next chat take care and keem smiling




Re: Let's relive the 1980's

yeah I am lately just think its only way body will be ready for work tomorrow @Scarecrowe 

Re: Let's relive the 1980's

Ha ha


My Big Hair did not need much help ....

Smiley Tongue

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