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Re: Exo's Exposé

How's Dday no 4 going? Good I hope! Lots of love to you Eth @eth Heart

Re: Exo's Exposé

Sorry @Exoplanet  was just posting on ALR if you want to see what I'm up to.

Hope you reach your goals today.  I'm not as anxious so far today - probably because I really like the sw who's coming later this morning.   Need to do a few domestics so that I feel ok about the state of the place when my sister's here.

I recently bought online gorgeous khaki parkas with furlined hoods for both bub and older granddaughter and had them delivered in the ACT, only to be told they weren't wanted and will be returned to the shop outlet there for a refund.  I get that they (the parents) want to choose stuff themselves, but it would be really nice if just once they allowed me the pleasure of giving something unexpected.  Figured you'd understand this one.

Re: Exo's Exposé

@eth  Good afternoon Exoplanet hope you are having a great day whether you get all those jobs done or not Smiley Happyxxx


Re: Exo's Exposé

good afternoon @Exoplanet HeartHeart

Re: Exo's Exposé

I did get a bit done yesterday, the black splash on my foot is gone, the little fella is a white gossamer fluff ball again & the Staffy is shining like a bronze ball of muscle Smiley Happy The puppies have also had their flea, tick, intestinal & heart worming treatments & I've sent a big egg shaped tin of chocolates off in the mail. I'm also soaking some steak & not just any steak - portahouse steak in some pinapple juice for tonights dinner. I even got rid of a couple of garbage bags of junk out of my spare room! I'd like to make some spare room in my spare room Smiley Happy I want to move a couple of chairs from the lounge room, one's a stationary arm chair & the other is just kitchen chair. I only use the one recliner, my little fella sometimes uses the other - extras are just taking up space & making it harder for the rare occasions that I think to sweep. I recently got a rotary sweeper, you know, it's got the brissels in the front & like a permanent dust pan behind them {it was a charity shop bargain Smiley Wink }; it does make sweeping easier, I think because you don't have to lift it like you do a broom, you just push it back & forth along the floor - but I have too much stuff on the floor! I also entertain the day-dream that one day I'll use the rollers & paint brushes I bought a couple of years ago, the main thing that stops me is the sanding; there's a couple of plaster strips & dots that haven't been sanded properly, but I'm starting to think 'bugger it' I'll just hit it with a straw broom & paint it as is. It my place, it's not legal, not like I'll be improving the value or anything! I think it would make the place brighter & look cleaner & I think that would improve my day to day, it is what I look at every day. 

@eth  I do understand what you feel about the gifts. Also I'm fine with reading along TLR, I think I was just trying to make conversation - I don't do well with instant chatHeart Thank you for replying to me Smiley Happy 

Love to all that need or want itHeart

MazyHeart @Mazarita  @outlander  @CheerBear  @greenpea  @Shaz51  @Zoe7  

@Teej @Sophia1 


Re: Exo's Exposé

@Exoplanet  Hi Exoplanet rotary cleaners are fantastic we used to call them carpet sweepers. I would love one where we are .... I wonder if shops still setll them. Sounds like you and your puppies will have a feast tonight Smiley Happy

Re: Exo's Exposé

Good morning @Exoplanet .  No worries about instant chat - sometimes whole conversations take days to happen on here.  We're mostly here at different times.  I knew you'd get it about the gifts.  It's really hard to maintain my policy of never giving them $$ when they do things like this.  If gifts are rejected enough times the giver will stop giving.  I am fed up with them wanting to control my every move in their direction.  They want freedom of choice etc but don't let me have it.

Dinner at yours sounds great!

Re: Exo's Exposé

Hello @greenpea  Heart

Re: Exo's Exposé

I've been going to bed about 10pm each night, the season is changing, I'm still getting around 30 through the day but there's less hours of sunlight & I am regularly running out of power at night. So I've found my sleep pattern changing. The problem with getting up earlier is that the battery on my computer is low from having used it the night before & the sun isn't over the tree line yet. I do swap to the other system the following day after one runs down, but I prefer the sun to be on the panel . . . oh well . . . lucky I have a generator & if both systems run down I'll use it for a day or 2. It's cool enough through the night, I've even pulled the blanket up first thing on a few nights - I wonder if it's going to cool down enough for the firebox this year?

I got the chairs put into the spare room yesterday & I've got a large box all piled up with rubbish ready to go to the bins Smiley Happy If I don't do any more than that I'm still happy, I spend most of my time sitting in this chair, now I should be able to get the new sweeper around it a bit better Smiley Happy I don't know why all of a sudden I'm wanting to de-clutter, it's been years without such thoughts running through my head. I think part of me is wanting to get the place a little better in case I croak it, so that whoever comes to clear it out to sell it doesn't have such a big job.  I've got a mountain of boxes ready for another backyard fire - when I get something new, it's like I can't even let go of the box 'cause it held the new thing Smiley Wink I can't believe how much bubble wrap I had stuffed away in that spare room - & I've only done one little section. I do a fair bit of online shopping, often it's sooooo much cheaper & of course it means I don't have to go into town. I guess I kept it all in case I wanted to post something off myself, but when I do that I usually use the post office boxes or bags - so I'm tossing it all!!! I think the cooler weather may also have something to do with my actually being able to look up & see the cluttered mess that is my home. I don't get many months where I'm not sweating & focusing pretty much on keeping cool. I'm liking it Smiley Very Happy Even our daily walk around the property is changing a little, I've taken a side track a few times now; yesterday I went down the middle of my block & discovered I could do so & not see a fence line anywhere; I actually had a slight feeling of panic of being lost for a moment - but had the reasurrance that I was on my property & if I just kept walking in a straight line in any direction I'd come the said fenceline - it felt good Smiley Happy I was able to just stand there & take it all in, I own a little piece of the open forested outback ozzie land - & it's beautiful! Inside my fenceline there should be no-one else because it's all mine, now that's a wonderful feeling Smiley Happy 


Love to all that need or want it Heart

MazyHeart @Mazarita @outlander  @eth  @greenpea  @Zoe7  @Shaz51  @Teej  @Sophia1 @EOR 

Re: Exo's Exposé

@Exoplanet  sounds wonderful! How long have you had your land? You're so positive. I don't think you're decluttering to spare others inconvenience of clearing your estate, i think it's AN OUTWARD SIGN OF AN INWARD CHANGE" When my mental health improves I notice I'm tidier and more organised. Decluttering is like 'nesting' to reclaim the space to serve you best. You're doing well, proud of you.

I was thinking of you only this morning while I sorted my van the way you described "containers in containers" I couldn't help but think how organised you must be when I'm tempted to just chuck chuck it all in the 60L tub lol. Need to invest in more tight fitting containers. I like the way you write - like you're talking... easy to read. This journal style thread is a good idea to 

Keep up the positive thoughts, telepathically teleport some my way, especially the country views 🏕️🏞️🌻

~ EOR 🤗💗


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