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Looking after ourselves

Re: Checking In

Go forth! I'm right behind you .... Ohhhh! Random stuff! So bright and shiny!


Yeah ... Go on ahead, see ya tmw! 

Re: Checking In

Let us know how your day goes @LadyleahRDBloom and if you actually get anything done - thinking I might get moving now and get stuck into it too for a while.

Re: Checking In

Hi @Everan Glad your walk turned out better than expected.  I probably should walk more again.  I used to but got lazy.

Smiley Happy

@Queenie  Good to see you.

Dont let the black dog win. You have the right attitude. Sorry your family does not see that.  I am in a similar boat.  One can embrace the spirit of christmas in many small ways.  I try and keep it real for me and I dont go overboard,  My nicest experience this year was meeting a little group of very little children at the end of my street.  The oldest a 5 yo was so full of the spirit of chritmas there was no way I could dissappoint him so I partied with them for 5 minutes.

There are non material ways to keep some sense of the generosity of the season.  I guess you feel pressured by your partner's children.  Keep it real for them too.  My son and kids do not want to be bought, so presents are token rather than mind blowing.  You will help them be better persons by just being YOU and sticking with your VALUES, even if your family does not see them.

Smiley Happy


For you Bella

13511012_1188177517909101_6978372331520307701_n.jpgWell maybe you dont drink this much


Re: Checking In


I'm struggling a bit atm, my energy levels have dropped off. I'm trying to work out what zaps my energy. I think with this year almost finished, its a good time to reflect. 

@Appleblossom @LadyleahRDBloom @Queenie @Shaz51 @Zoe7 @TAB @Hamsolo01 @outlander @Dec @Teej 

Re: Checking In

Fair enough @oceangirl and yes it is the time of year for reflection. Hope things are okay for you and thanks for the tag 

Re: Checking In

@oceangirl Cheerbear started a thread for the end of year thoughts here

Re: Checking In

I would agree with you on that one @oceangirl
Time if the year does that..
Hope you had a good Christmas

Re: Checking In

Can you eat red meat? I had a gastric sleeve and I find when I'm low on energy it means I need to feed my iron levels. Red meat, eggplant and mushrooms, spinach and cherries with dark chocolate can help, 

Re: Checking In


Coffee and rare steak, never tear us apart!

Re: Checking In

Checking in again. I had a win of sorts in the way of seasonal festivities. Months ago I bought a band t-shirt of my stepdaughter's favourite band. I gave it to her on Christmas eve to open and she was absoutely thrilled. Despite all her expensive gifts, she nominated mine as her favourite (even though it wasn't expensive) as she said it obviously had a lot of thought put into it (I had to import it from the UK and took a while to be delivered). It brought a smile to know my act of doing something nice for someone else was appreciated so much. Brought a smile to both our faces! Smiley Happy

Although it's late, season's greetings all!

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