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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Celebrate Today

I'd like to start this post so that we can celebrate the things we did today. Whether big or small steps, they all need to be celebrated as working towards good mental health.

Lets not worry about the list we made and the things we didn't do.

Let's just focus on those things we did manage to do.

So today (Monday) 

* I had a shower

* I washed my clothes

* hung my clothes up to dry

* cooked dinner


What did you do today?

Let's celebrate! 

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Re: Celebrate Today

Good idea @utopia

On Monday I

  • did some paperwork
  • went for two little walks
  • tidied my nest - sweeping

Let's see what today brings

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Re: Celebrate Today

Hi @utopia and @frog

Yes, nice idea to concentrate on what we have achieved rather than ponder what we didnt.  Think positive in other words.


Monday for me:

  • I cooked a nice dinner last night, which hubby actually appreciated
  • I finally managed to get a load of washing dry after several wet overcast days
  • I found time to do some art, a crossword puzzle and a difficult sudoku
  • I caught up with a sibbling (my older sister) by giving them a call, something I'd been putting off for a while

Not sure how I'll go today, but remaining hopeful of finding something more to add to my tomorrow list.

Sherry Heart


Re: Celebrate Today


Brilliant effort. You both achieved some good tasks.

My son loved the fried rice I cooked. 

I'm still trying to get our washing dry.

Well done 

Let's Celebrate! 


Re: Celebrate Today

Hi @utopia@Former-Member@frog

What a great discussion 🌱

So far today, mine are:

- going for a run 

- cleaning my kitchen

I'm hopeful about getting the washing done too!


Re: Celebrate Today

Today I 

- went to work for 4 hours 

- put a load of washing on

- put some clothes in dryer

- fold some clothes 

- sitting down having a coffee

- organising what to cook for dinner

BB 😊


Re: Celebrate Today

Brilliant idea for a thread, @utopiaSmiley Very Happy

Today so far I have:

  • got up earlier than my sleepiness wanted me to
  • had a shower after 5 days without one
  • caught the bus to the doctors
  • walked to and from the bus stop (about 1.5km)
  • made my bed (twice cos I had a daytime nap).

Hooray for us all! Smiley Very Happy


Re: Celebrate Today

welll done @Mazarita you achieved quite a bit today

BB Smiley Happy


Re: Celebrate Today

Brilliant effort @Margot@Mazarita@BlueBay. Lots of achievements done today.

Today I 

* drove my son to school (exams)

* picked son up from school

* got dressed and then back into pajamas a few times

* wrote to a new friend via Internet. 


Let's Celebrate! 


Re: Celebrate Today

Thanks, @BlueBay and @utopia. Good going on what you have achieved so far today too. Smiley Happy

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