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Something’s not right

Re: You may not remember me...

@outlander @Eden1919 @greenpea  I unfortunately had a very public meltdown in a shopping centre yesterday culminating in my admission happening Monday.

 I basically lost touch with reality big time. My voices are awful and I can't relax due to paranoia.

Please forgive me if I'm not around as much.

Re: You may not remember me...

@Queenie  sweetheart just remember we love you and to come back when you can. Love peaxxxx

Re: You may not remember me...

@Queenie  i am sorry that has happened. take the time you need and i hope things get better for you soon. 


Re: You may not remember me...

hugs @Queenie Heart

Re: You may not remember me...

hugs and hugs @Queenie HeartHeart

Re: You may not remember me...

Bless ya heart @nashy pear,

that was a very restrained response to my Ffffffffffff fhuh fhuh fhuh fhuh fhuh  feisty.


Look, there were publicans in my bloodline so you gotta be fast on ya feet, and if you lost the arm wrestle there's no hard feelings kay?!.


There's always one nashy pear, always one, in every group. And the way I saw it, my voice is important, it may just be opinion but these are my lived experiences. So I am not able to get Beyond Blue, is that my fault?


In some ways I am beginning to trust anecdotal evidence more than the formal stuff. Heard another horror story about the MH unit at my closest public hospital, so yes, I do believe the mental health system is broken, they can't even recruit a permanent psychiatrist there, and the shrinks that should be serving the community prefer not to. They want to keep their high paying post for the $$$$, but having to deal with @Queenie post hypnosis and ending up in the ER, oh gosh too hard, no thanks.


I don't know about you @nashy, and seeing that Sane gets most of their funding from the federal Department of Health maybe you're not willing to say, but don't you think that the name ScoMo sounds like some sort of hideous, tropical skin disease you'd see in a Dermatology journal?


"Will you scratch my ScoMo please, it's really itchy today"


"No. I will not scratch your ScoMo".






"Where is it?"


"In places that have no name"


"Is it contagious?"


"Oh yeah, really contagious on the north side of the bridge especially"


"Gosh, sounds awful man"


"Oh man ScoMo is the worst, can't stop scratching this baby"


Re: You may not remember me...

@Corny  Thanks for your response  Smiley Very Happy


Absolutely there are elements of the sector that need to change, I know in Victoria the Royal Commission into Mental Health is attempting to uncover and remedy a lot of this pain. We certainly want all members to feel they have a voice, and you are right your lived experience is vital in shaping the future narrative Smiley Happy Just popping in to remind you of this particular guideline, as it would be great to keep this thread's momentum steady!


As always, Mods and CMs are available via if you have any follow up questions.




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