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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Giving my power away to a 23 year old.

My sons's partner approaches me often to look after my grandchildren. She has placement for 5 weeks coming up and ending 2 weeks before christmas. I am in the throes of trying to understand Ndis and appying many therapies for my daugther, so she is busy almost daily and yep I'm driving her to all of these things.I was raised and  emotionally abused that my needs were not important and so saying no really was not an option. I have tried and shuffled everthing to offer her one day that she asks for and then I have deleted one appointment that needs to be pushed into another day. I'm going to be worn out and my daughter is going to be over whelmed. If we slow up the therapies and dont use them Ndis will reduce our funding next review.

So today if I can explain myself away as to why I would have difficulty saying I cant be of real help, I also know I've given myself over to another. This I remember, when trying to claim myself back from trying to heal from being 'not good enough' abuse.Half my mental health issues is genetics and half is from abuse. I'm now ashamed of myself, because its when you start explaining is when others try to shuffle and make you do things. I am loathing right now and angry. I really need some support , my daughter needs me.

Thankyou for reading and hope to hear from you 

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