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Something’s not right

Casual Contributor

Be strong

I just want to let people know that Life can suck.

It is not easy. Life is a test.

Even when you are tested by the hurdels that Life throws in your pathway,  it's not about winning to over come them, it's about trying to overcome them. You may not succeed but at least you tried.

That's all what life is about.

It's about not giving up, no matter the odds. If you try, you've already succeeded. 

My life has been hard, it has almost destroyed me. But I refuse to let it beat me. 

I have hated myself for wanting to give up. God it would be so much easier to just give up. 

But I am a surviver. I haven't faught this hard in my 43 yrs of life to just roll over and admit defeat. 

If I admit defeat then everything I survived in my past would have been for nothing. All the pain, hurt, lessons learned.... would all be a waste. 

Yes life is hard. It was never ment to be easy. Plant your feet squarely on the ground, shoulders back, head held high. Challenge Life. You may not come out on top but you are a winner for trying. And that's all life is truely asking of us. 

Keep trying.

Never give up.

Never give in.


Re: Be strong

Hi Pseudo, thanks for sharing, this is very interesting.
It sounds like you're a Diamond, strong, unbreakable, been through the pressure, the battle, the war.
An experienced warrior becomes wise from their wounds.

We start to understand that Life may be hard at times, but it doesn't have to be, it was never written into the rulebook of life to suffer and have a hard life.

The warrior chooses a new career, becomes a painter, the war games have ended for him.
Just like a child changing costumes in kindergarten dress ups, time for something new.
Sure other wars may go on but the painter has already won by not participating in the war, the struggle is over.
We start to understand that life doesn't happen to us, but through us.

Words are funny, they can mean multiple things to different people depending on context, especially when it's about the human journey.
When you say "giving up" if you mean to leave the body then I agree to never give up, however the other kind of giving up that is actually worth doing and something everyone should do; is giving up the character who is in the struggle, the suffering and the trying.

Do you rememberr Yoda?, He say's "do or do not, there is no try". In Yoda's saying, as you would know, he was referring to the final result of either done or not done.
Though I know it's a different context to what you were referring to, which was about having a go so that's really good too.
Something along the lines of - A plant which never opens it's leaves to catch the sunlight is unlikely to grow, or, A fisherman who never puts his line in the water is unlikely to catch a thing, and the millions of other examples as a fundamental part of reality of cause and effect, of doing or do-notting.

It is the trying character itself that can stand in our way of progress, imagine now that the mind is like a stage in a theater, and if the stage of the mind is occupied with the act of someone "trying" to get "there" towards some future oriented goal, then there is no room for the character who is already "there"(here), the one who has already made it, made it where?
To the present, the same place everyone is really trying to get to, it's already here.
And it is in this presence that we can recognise that life doesn't have to be a struggle, because this presence is undefined, it is a blank canvas for the painter to paint what they want, sure they can stick their old art story from the past on there, they could paint a struggle too, they can paint a hard life if they want, it's always their choice, and knowing it's their choice is when the paintbrush can be back in their hands to choose the colors and picture they prefer.

How did the painter win the war? He turned the page, painted something new.

The drivers seat is now free for us to drive our own life.
To give up the story of the "me" that creates the problems in the first place, frees up that driver seat.
"easier said than done" say's who? If I believe that character then maybe it's true but if i kick them off my stage I can run my own show, be my own master and steer my own ship.

The distance between change is only a couple of neurons, so really it's easier done than said.

The way to do this, to get the weeds by the roots once and for all involves a process of self-enquiry meditation, a form of inward looking, an inner action to the source, because the cause of your reality is you, without you there is no perceived reality.

Thoughts lead to emotions, emotions lead to behaviours and actions.

So the root is the thoughts and thoughts always belong to characters identities, little "me" like speech bubbles on comic books belonging to characters, find who they belong to, they belong to characters which aren't who we really are, we watched them all come and go like actors on the stage of life. As hinted in Shakespeares "All the worlds a stage"

The more you question inwardly by self enquiry meditation the more free, conscious and unlimited you become.

Don't be surprised when you discover, realise and remember; that you are God.




Re: Be strong

thank you for your wise words


I will hold onto those words, and try to stay strong xx


Re: Be strong

as a Carer with her own mental health issues x

Re: Be strong

Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it.


The opening lines to one of the boomer classics : The Road Less Travelled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth by M. Scott Peck; an American psychiatrist.


Whole lot of woo-woo got published in the 70s and the 80s, (and I sure read most of it) Smiley Tongue  but Scotty had his head screwed on right and good advice is timeless.


Another sage of advice is in the lyrics of The Gambler by Kenny Rogers....and the art

of discernment.





REMASTERED IN HD! Music video by Kenny Rogers performing The Gambler. © 2018 Capitol Records LLC, Courtesy of Capitol Records Nashville under license from Un...

Re: Be strong

Thank you. I'm a do or die type of girl. I'm just learning to deal with the feelings I have along the way instead of bottling them up like I have done all my life.
I am the diamond .
I'm also the plant seeking the sun. I will not give up. And I will sparkle.
One step at a time 🙂

Re: Be strong

To all of the post @Jo-anneJoy  @Pseudo @Doreen @Maggie @Appleblossom @Sans911 and all who may come

I need to correct this quote you have shared so that there is no misunderstanding, since the quote itself is coming from someone who doesn't understand.
This "truth" becomes a lie, it's seen for what it is when we realise it's a lie, the real transcendence only comes by recognising that the so called "truth" is a lie.
Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it."
Who say's it's a truth? who's the identity character construct saying that it's a truth?
It's his own personality construct which is saying it's a truth that's who, which proves it's not true, because the deepest and most real truth isn't an opinion that can be argued with, it cannot be agreed or disagreed with, real truth is sufficient by itself, it stands on it's own, it is undeniable, it is something that can not be challenged or denied and that is the discovery of God within, from the "I AM" beyond personality construct, that is the fundamental truth within all of us and that's the fundamental truth we collectively need to unlock to realise true awakening and reach our highest potential as a species, I came to this world for this precise mission, to wake this species and offer guidance for transformation.

Now, pay attention
As I said, the "life is difficult" act belongs to a character, and this is the key to true transcendence and understanding,
It's nothing personal, but the quote of the psychiatrist that you have shared in my view is a terrible quote because it's misleading, a lie and keeps people in the illusion.
Because if you accept that idea, that belief system as a truth; then you are buying back into a reality of "life is difficult" but it's not true, it's only difficult if you buy into it being difficult, by believing in it; you vote for that reality and see that reflection, but we don't have to buy into it, and why would we want to if we knew we had that choice (which we do have that choice, and that alone proves it's a lie), it holds humanity back, ITS A LIE!

This is a clear example of the difference with someone who has lived experience + true awakened as I am, and a psychiatrist who's only read about the journey and stayed in their minds, this quote you have shared is an example of just about how far advanced in understanding as these products of the system get because they have no real life experience beyond the mind, they can only ever understand themselves and reality intellectually, but the "God" aspect of "I AM" can only be known experientially.

I'm looking forward to finnishing my book too, it will also reveal how overly glorified and mentally ill most psychiatrists and the system that creates them actually is.

All of us came to this world for different reasons, some of us have been on it many times before, thousands of incarnations, re-incarnating and transforming evolving, others of us are outsiders with only a handful of incarnations at important times in history on this world, some have been in many realms and other dimensions from all over the universe.
I've always known why i'm here, I came to this world on a mission and there is nothing that will stop me from completing it.
I was built and born for de-programming and transforming this world and species, it is the whole reason for my incarnation on this lower dimension, it may appear like ego to some with thier programming but in reality it's a selfless act of service to dedicate ones life to the mission, there are others here too with similar paths, anyone who stands in our way is an enemy of the Human species for holding them back from thier highest potential and those who try to stop or hinder our mission will be answering to the Higher Dimensional Protectorates and the wrath of God.





Re: Be strong

Hey there everyone, 


It sounds like this conversation is getting heated, as people are discussing things they are really passionate about. Please keep in mind that communication on the forums has the added challenge of not having vocal or visual cues that we usually rely on. For this reason arguments can escalate without the usual cues that would slow us down. 


Please remember to post in line with our guidelines around respect and to be gentle with each other. Also have a look at our guide to addressing conflict on the forums. Lastly, it is okay to step away from the forums or email the forums team at if it doesn't feel manageable. 


Take care 🌷


Re: Be strong

Just jumping in one more time,

Another part of the guidelines it is good to be mindful of is around sharing beliefs. For this to be a safe and respectful community it is important members share their own beliefs and values while being respectful of others' and allowing that other members' values may be different. 

Take care everyone 🌻

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