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What Was The Best Gift You Ever Got?

Here's a cheerful topic. Think back to any time in your life.Was there any particular gift you got that still brings a smile to your face? It can be from any year of your life.


And,what gift did you give someone that they still treasure?




Re: What Was The Best Gift You Ever Got?

Hi @Denv12 , I think the best gift I ever got was a surfboard.  I tried surfing as a kid and never really got the hang of it.  I later bought myself a 'gift' and really learnt how to do it properly.  The best gift I gave was a pair of underwater headphones that I gave to my brother.  He used to do a lot of swimming and he used to listen to the radio a fair bit.  This was a long time ago before MP3 players were all the rage.


My surfboard snapped in half after too much use, it last much longer than I thought it would.  I'm not sure if my brother still has his headphones, i'm guessing he probably does as he is much better looking after things than Me.  


Nice thread and topic btw Smiley Happy  What's your answer? Smiley Happy

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