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Re: Meet the moderators

Hello @Shaz51 and everyone else,

Three things about me are...

I love being at the beach

I do yoga regularly

I enjoy expressing myself through creative writing Smiley Happy

Re: Meet the moderators

Re: Meet the moderators

Hello @Mika 

and welcome

love to hear 3 things about yourself Smiley Very Happy


Love to welcome any other new @Moderator 

Re: Meet the moderators

Hello @Shaz51 and others,


Thank you for the lovely welcome.  Three things about me are:


  • I have a lovely happy 4 year old golden retriever who is a cheeky boy and gets up to a bit of mischief but gives me a lot of love and joy.
  • I go to yoga 3-4 times a week which gives me peace and makes me feel good.
  • I try to practice mindfulness meditation daily (my mind still wanders at times during this practice but I have found it has helped a lot in various aspects of my life!).

Re: Meet the moderators

Hi @Mika Welcome!

Good to hear about those positives in your life - dog, yoga and meditation - can't go wrong Smiley Happy 

I find all three super valuable too.

Re: Meet the moderators

I agree @frog Smiley Happy

my mind still wanders too with meditation - @Mika Heart

Re: Meet the moderators

Hello @Shaz51 


Thank you for the shout out, three things about me are 


1. I am not new I have been round for a long time but only work part time here so you might not see me often

2. I have a dog and a cat and four children so home can be busy but I work hard to try and create some balance somewhere.

3. I love to try and help people.


Take care, MummaMia

Re: Meet the moderators

hello @MummaMia , lovely to see you again Smiley Very Happy

it has been a while but you are possibly here when I am not

it is hard sometimes to find that right balance between everything

hope you have a good week Smiley Happy

Re: Meet the moderators

wow @s-jay  really have we got 70 moderators Smiley Very HappyHeart

Re: Meet the moderators

Hi @Shaz51 - yep that's right... I know it's a lot! I'll do some poking to get some of the newer folks in here to say hi! Smiley Happy

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