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Casual Contributor

I am Unhappy and Lonely

very sad day


Re: I am Unhappy and Lonely

Hi @eeva235 


Welcome to the forums - sorry to hear you are having a sad day. Its wonderful that you have connected and reached out here though, that takes a lot of strength. 


Can you let us know a bit more about what is going on for you so some peers can help offer support? Being lonely can be very hard, really hearing you. 🌸

Re: I am Unhappy and Lonely

Hi @eeva235 and welcome
Would you like to share whats happening for you?

Re: I am Unhappy and Lonely

Hi @eeva235 ,

welcome to the forums 👋🏻🙂

sad lonely days feel really heavy and hard. Do you want to chat about anything? It could be about anything to give your mind a break from the sad lonely feelings. 

Re: I am Unhappy and Lonely

Thinking of you @eeva235 

Lots of understanding people here if you want to chat x

Re: I am Unhappy and Lonely

My boyriend (r a ped) me yesterday!!

Re: I am Unhappy and Lonely

I found out my bf cheated on me

Re: I am Unhappy and Lonely

Hey there @eeva235  I am sorry to hear about this pain you've just come up against. We're all here to listen, and to provide support. Heart You must be feeling a lot right now - but when you're ready feel free to let us know how you're going. Have you spoken to your partner about this? Heart

Re: I am Unhappy and Lonely

hey @eeva235  i am so sorry this happened to you. are you safe from him now? is there anyone you can speak to about what happened? 



Re: I am Unhappy and Lonely

Heart Hey there @eeva235, I am just going to send you an email to check in. I also just want to note some services here that are incredibly helpful if you need further support:


1800Respect (1800 737 732) are staffed by incredible counsellors & it is totally confidential.


Our SANE Help Centre can also support you with some options and referrals to make sure you are safe and supported, our number is 1800 18 7263.


Our community does not judge, we are always here to listen.  Will e-mail you soon.

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