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Re: Good Morning!

yes, cert IV TAE 40122 , the new course @PeppyPatti 

I pinched this from Indeed..


'Teachers typically focus on preparing students for careers by equipping them with critical thinking skills. By developing broad knowledge, students can pick a field that suits their interests and natural talents. Conversely, training strives to prepare participants to complete a certain task.'

Re: Good Morning!

Just had a productive 2 days.

Did rego and green slip for car yesterday. 1100 total. Ooft. Got a new phone battery. Hopefully will not run out so quickly.
Made a good dinner last night and tonight. Submitted uni assignment today and applied to 2 jobs. Not overly convinced by either jobs, but it's a test to see if I can get somewhere with I guess. Idk.

Did some accounting today in case landlord increases rent. Finance guy came today to value property as she is refinancing. Hopefully not but will have to wait and see. Can afford a mild increase but fingers crossed it doesn't happen.

About to finish crime and punishment now. Want to move on to the next book.

Decided to read Gabor Mate's Book about myth of normal. Looks quite interesting and thought provoking.

Work is work. For the first time in a while, feels like all is well

See yous around

Re: Good Morning!

Hi  @PinkFlamingo   thankyou and are you well.  Weather man must have read my post too.

Weather warnings have started.  Its time to take my hammer n tin of mixed lolly nails ,

and fool myself that I'm getting everything squared away for the storm.  I might not get a post in till the weekend, Plus  another wedding.  But things are just beaut here.  Never a dull day.  Thinking of you.

@Healandlove    They look like the kind of trees we chain ourselves too, in the hope of not giving

 Koala's  M H  issues..   Spectacular pictures.  Thankyou.

 @Flying_Hams  Thanks for being a good sport.  Hope a few others saw the funny side too.

Oh yes.   Too well,  I know the old scratchie..  You give em to friends at Christmas.  Makes me feel like less of a cheap skate,  cause   hey.  Till its scratched, its a shiny thing with limitless potential


And the friend you gave one too

that next day is on the missing person list.  kids abandoned, lawn unmown.  They just scratched the big  one..


Scratchies . . .   A guaranteed way for Autistic me to loose friends is tell e'm the odds on  their scratchies..      LoL


All those little palm n sticky finger smudge marks down the inside of your eye balls,  They're

just the little children inside of us..    Go  on . . .  Let em out n play..


@ENKELI  @PeppyPatti  @Meowmy  @Shaz51   @greenpea  @StuF  @Emelia8  @Glisten    @SmilingGecko  @Adge  @Oaktree @saturnzoon  @Tilz   @Doldip15  @Historylover               @Appleblossom  @Healandlove  @TAB  and @EternalFlower   haven't forgotten you mate. .

your not that lucky. .   


Only post for today.   Hope you all have a special day.                                                         tonys..







Re: Good Morning!

@tonys thanks for tag. Take care

Re: Good Morning!

@tonys , they are wonderous tress as old ad time. I hope we never loose them. 

Hope you are having a good day so far 🙂.

Re: Good Morning!

Hello @saturnzoon I saw this today. I use these audios to improve my life. I saw this one on Obstacles removal as I know you are in a tricky situation right now


I have used other audios in this series with LOTS of success. They have a ladies hair removal audio which is incredible. I no longer have to use an epilator to remove hair. My skin is silky smooth.


I also use their Violet Flame audio for spiritual development. It raises your frequency and rapidly changes your appearance. Its the ultimate beauty cream apart from clearing thoughts words actions and deeds of karma.  It purifies the soul on a deep level. I have received many compliments on my appearance since I started doing it


I also use the audio recently for changing my grey hair. Can see my hair going back to its original color slowly. Just started this audio.


You won't hear any sound on these audios, its not to say they don't work. They are some kind of scalar wave technology. Just listen with headphones and watch the magic happen.


Good luck lovely woman ❤️🌻



Re: Good Morning!

Hello @tonys 

Thanks for including me in good morning post!

I haven’t been on much recently as struggling to keep up with life at all!

too short of breath and too slow!

But getting cold here where I live and the mist closing in in the mornings so kind of nice!

must go as I’m late again!

As for scratchies - I don’t win on those things even when I buy 5 in a row! 
cheers all!


Re: Good Morning!

Hey there @tonys 🙂

hopefully the weather didn’t cause too much trouble there? We have a bit of rain here

- floods the little yard, but drains away without too much trouble 🌺

Its almost the weekend.. hope yours is enjoyable there by the time it comes round 🙂🦩

Re: Good Morning!

Morning @PinkFlamingo good to see you on here as usual. Love your posts!  Going to try getting into the garden this weekend and pull some weeds from my vegie patch.  The weeds don't grow back as much if I do it after a full moon. Want to do it before new moon on Tuesday. Have been collecting used yoghurt containers and cutting them into strips for plant labels to write on in permanent marker what vegies are in my patch.  Need to get my garden going again after a mouse plague which was here in my suburb a while back. Thats my weekend planned and learning more about Bitcoin.  It seems in some South American countries people were surviving on Bitcoin during hyperinflation. Will got to get around to dehydrating some frozen vegetables now its not hot anymore. Did not want my dehydrated produce collecting mold from the heat in glass containers. Not much is new. Hope you are doing well, lovely ❤️🙂

Re: Good Morning!

Hello there @SmilingGecko 🌺🙂💜

Aw, thank you so much - that’s really sweet of you, and I humbly really appreciate it 🌺💜🤗

Sounds like a lovely plan to get back into the garden after the mice have been taking more than their fair share, and reinvigorating it with some well timed weeding and planting 🙂🌺

I love that idea for your labels - that’s great! 
Yes, Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies to some degree) can be an alternative to fiat currencies, however may I suggest that while you do your research, also have a review of hot and cold wallets, which can be measures of somewhat protecting cryptocurrency unit value when it’s reducing in market value, from what I understand (however it has been some years since I was trading Bitcoin). 
That sounds very interesting regarding dehydrating it heat condensation that can cause mould, and so dehydrating in winter or the cooler months helps? 🌺🙂

I saw your post on the sleeping bag suit, that looks amazing! I have one I got over a decade ago called Lazy Patch - not sure if they are still around these days - which has feet, making it almost impossible to walk around in haha! 🤭 it would be perfect if it didn’t have the feet.. I’m thinking to remove them and then use them as slippers when I’m laying down instead 🤔☺️ and then use the suit with ugg boots so I don’t slip over 😉🙌🏻

I also read that you were wondering about power in winter, is that right? Feel free to let me know and I’ll do my best to help you dearest 💜🌺🙂🦩


Illustration of people sitting and standing

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