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Re: Far and Away

Hi @oceangirl , thanks for tagging Me.  I've had a few struggles the last little while myself so I can relate.  I'm coming off some meds and I think it could be effecting the way I'm thinking.  It sounds like you have got a bit done despite wanting to do more today. 


I wouldn't feel ashamed about what you think you need to talk about or worry about what others might think.  It might be useful to write down the main things you want to talk about and even prioritise them.  It could give you a different perspective on how your looking at things. I've also had trouble sleeping with swirling thoughts, for Me it's usually the same stuff, going over things that happened to Me in the past.  I'm finding it hard to move on.


Please try and take care of your sleeping and make sure you are getting enough.  It really brought me undone and led me into a serious downward spiral. 


If you feel like sharing your thoughts, no one is going to judge you for them here.  It might help to get it all out.


Wishing you all the best

Take care Smiley Happy

Re: Far and Away

Oh @Sherry ..... 💜🌹


The decision has happened for you .

So glad you went to visit and spent that special time together so recently.

Maybe light a candle in the house for her while you are under this vigil anyway ?


Hugs and hugs.  Holding you close in spirit.






Re: Far and Away

Thoughts go out to you @Sherry , wish there was something I could say or do to comfort you.  Sometimes words aren't enough.  Your mum is surrounded by people that love her and you are a big piece of her heart.


Waiting is so hard.  You have the support and love of many on here.  Your definitely not alone. 



Re: Far and Away

Oh @Sherry There are simply no words - just a whole lot of love and support here for you Hon. Sending you so many of these Heart 


@oceangirl Glad you are seeing someone Smiley Happy

Re: Far and Away

Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope Hope you have gotten your referencing completed and are now being a slug again. I have finally managed to shower and get to the supermarket ...twice - left some bags at the checkout and had to return to get them. Cat is already asking for her dinner so she seems to be back to normal - such a relief.


All my thoughts are with our wonderful @Sherry this afternoon though - very much holding on for her and here for her. I know you may not be here for sometime @Sherry but hoping when you can get these messages you know that our hearts are filled with love for you and our thoughts are very much with you Heart


Re: Far and Away



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Sending you lots of love and hugs. 

Re: Far and Away

ohhh hugs my sister @oceangirl HeartHeart

ohhhhhhhh my wonderful @Sherry sending you lots of tender hugs my friend and i am sooo glad that you went and saw your mum xoxo

Re: Far and Away

Some good news - Cat came out last night and asked for her biscuits and then again this morning was waiting for her breakfast.----- ohhhh soo happy @Zoe7 Heart

ohhh my darling smoky , I found out from he owners that he has been home alone last night

soo he was sooo adorable this morning  , so i gave hime some biscuits , but wow what a look he gave me Smiley LOL

so I gave him some meat -- wow he loves me now Smiley Very Happy

and then he wanted lots of attention from us , mr shaz loved it

I dont think he was happy seeing us going as he is usually all alseep on the bed when we leave xx

@Faith-and-Hope, @oceangirl , @Gazza75 , @BlueBay 


Re: Far and Away

Oh gorgerous Smoky @Shaz51 😺😁

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