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Let's talk DID and dissociation

Hello all

@Former-Member, @Bellarose75, @BraveOne, @Nyx, @Fluttershy1, @Maggie, @Grace20212, @NoOne, @MySunrise, @Unlonely1, @destructive, @Lemonjuice and we are sure there are others who have DID or dissociation disorders but we haven't interacted with them so feel free to add others we missed.


We noticed that there is a lot of threads popping up about DID and decided that maybe having a thread we can all chat on and ask questions and give advice to each other would be good.


We thought we would start off by explaing who we are. 

We call ourselves the dragon system.

Host/main/core goes by our username due to guidelines but the rest of us are happy to say our names it also helps people know who's responding.  

Here is a list of all of us that we as a working system is aware of.


So I'm going to split it up into 3 groups, littles (0-10), middles (11-17) and bigs (18+).


So my littles are :

Kelly, 4, mute and trauma holder, Eshy, main

Sarah, 6, main

Strudle, 5, wolf shapeshifter, main



Brittney, 7, the BBB triplets

Sienna, 8, prefers CC

Dana, 4, trauma holder, AP

Leana, 6, trauma holder, AP

Cameron, 8, trauma holder

Kelsey, 5, trauma holder

Uunala, 4, trauma holder, Eshy

Stacey, 10

Tessa, 9, FS Trauma holder 


My middles are:

Steph, 15, sporty, gender fluid

Daisy, 13, Artistic

Macey, 12, smart, Eshy

Repunzel, 16/17, Fictive 

Elsie, 17, littles helper

Erin, 15, trauma holder, Sh, main

Iris, 11, positive empath, littles caretaker, main

Chloe, 14, littles caretaker, clean freak (possibly ocd)

Mermaid Princess, 15/17, unknown language

Zayella, 15, sad/grief empath, inner world protector

Casey, 13, troublesome, sh

Evie, 15/16, fictive


My bigs are:

Sapphire,18, wolf shapeshifter, system protector, main

Harmony, 30, protector, main

Honey, 19, sexual

Grant, age Slider, 18-25,

Lana, 20, negative empath

Holly, age unknown, demon, system persecutor, is a main but currently locked away

Twilight, age unknown, dragon, gatekeeper


We know not all people with DID have an inner world but we do. Host created inner world as an escape when she was 9 and it has become a major part of our system. For anyone wondering twilights role as gatekeeper is literally that our inner world is surrounded by a brick wall and has a large gate outside that is a giant Forrest and twilight keeps the bad out. Holly came before twilight did so it's probably the only reason she made it in. 

We also have C-PTSD, anxiety, depression, social anxiety,  and panic disorder. Host is severe asthmatic as well which we suppose makes us all asthmatic.

Anyway hope you like the idea of this thread and we are happy to chat anytime but we do apologize if we don't always answer straight away 



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Re: Let's talk DID and dissociation

Hello everyone, we're new here, so yeah gonna do an introduction. By the way, im a little and im writing this before we forget to so sorry for mistakes. 


Littles, (0-10): 

we prefer to go unnamed, but we do have nicknames. 

- Za/Zazoo (6) Any Pronouns 

- Sephy, (9) angel, she/her

- Lam (10) elf, he/him. a genius


Middles, (11-17): 

- Liam (13) he/they, trauma holder

- Nico, (15) he/him, demigod/fictive

- Halo (15) they/them, host

- Maya (16) she/xem, secondary caretaker. enjoys practicing witchcraft.

- Alex (16) he/she, demigod/fictive

- Ace (17) he/they. protector. 


Bigs, (18+): 

- Harry (19), he/him

- Maryin (23) she/they, primary protector 

- Wanda (25/26) human/witch/fictive, she/her

- Katrina (kit) (27), human-elf, all pronouns

- Annabeth (28), she/her, demigod/fictive

- Viktoria (vikky) (immortal), she/they, minor goddess, gatekeeper

- Malia (ageless), she/they, hunter of artemis, persecutor 


We have two other persecutors, who go unnamed until they introduce themselves. We're not diagnosed just yet, but we have the appointment to talk to someone in like 8 weeks of something. also we have a book about our did/osdd on wattpad if you want to know more about us. 

Re: Let's talk DID and dissociation

@Former-Member , we have littles who love to talk on here they think it's great. We hope everything is ok though. We have met systems where everyone is unnamed personally we think it is confusing also most of us just always had names a few were named by host like twilight, sapphire and strudel. 

You have a fairly large system like we do. 


2 of our littles Sarah and strudel would like to know if Zazoo likes the lion king movie.


We have been switching since host was 12 we weren't diagnosed till she was 22 that was 6 years ago now.


Re: Let's talk DID and dissociation

We've been switching since we were about 9, and we actually started naming ourselves back then, but one of our older protectors, Marlyin) didnt like that we knew about our switching so when we turned ten (around the same time as two major traumatic events in our life) so she kind of upped the amnesia or something. 

Last year, someone asked us whether we had some sort of multiple personality disorder, which sparked a little curiousity and then we were researching Mental Disorders for school and watching through clips and interviews and things and thats when we found the name for it, DID/OSDD. 


And yes Zazoo, loves the Lion King movie. Zazoo was our old hosts childhood nickname, and the little who uses that nickname also likes it. We dont share the real names of our littles for their safety or the names of alters who prefer to stay anonymous out of respect. 


- Maya 

Re: Let's talk DID and dissociation

Hi @Former-Member @and @BabyDragon 


I was diagnosed maybe a few months ago now. Still not sure how I'm feeling about it and if it really fits. I'm certainly not at the stage I have everyone mapped.. I hear voices and have lots but 5 nine ones-

sarah whose around 16- ver angry and attacking

annabelle- maybe 12- very self conscious. Weirdly don't hear her when in small group or one on one. Doesn't like people.

a little child maybe 5- cries a lot, likes curious George and monkeys

an older lady 40/50 very critical but not around that much

and old guy maybe 80s woffles on old stories not around too much but can be very distracting when he is.


I hear others time to time but nothing frequent or distinct. 

I'm not sure what else to say but keen to be apart of here and maybe make more sense of things.

Re: Let's talk DID and dissociation

Definitely, we were able to map things out just by seeing what others did and talking. I dont know what your opinion on DissociaDID is, but I think it's a good idea to watch some of their videos. And if you can, we watched some compliations of tiktoks of people with DID on youtube as well. 


Probably not the most reliable places to get information, but it did help us start a journal and figure out the system. 


- Maya

Re: Let's talk DID and dissociation

@Former-Member, there is a similar thing in our system a few of our trauma holders have trauma our host has no memory of and we as a system decided that she would not handle it so for now she has no connection with these trauma holders. 


Sarah and strudel have asked what Zazoo's favorite lion movie is. Sarah said she likes lion king 2 because it has kiara and kovu whereas strudel likes lion king 1 1/2 because she loves timon and pumba



We started like that we had the mains and then others that were there just not fully there there. It took a long time to get where we are but honestly we became a working system before we got therapy and a diagnosis. We had a lot of trouble with therapy though as they were set on integration and we don't want that.





Re: Let's talk DID and dissociation

Zazoo likes the first movie the best, but her second favourite is 1 1/2.

Re: Let's talk DID and dissociation

@Former-Member yes yes yes I like all all all the lion king movies but but but timon and pumba are the best best best dey so funny 


Re: Let's talk DID and dissociation

@BabyDragon they definitely are. do you like timon or pumba more?
Illustration of people sitting and standing

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