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Climate Disasters ---- Cyclones

Hello Everyone 

I have not been through a bush fire but I have been through 3 big Cyclones 

one in 1986 / 2006/ and 2011 with little cyclones in between 

each cyclone was different 


the 1986 cyclone seem to go straight down the main street of our town , did lots of damage to shops and building  and it had cleared the hill behind us of all the trees 

we could not get out of our house as we had fallen trees against the back and front door with sheets of iron embedded in the wall of our house 


the 2006 cyclone was very fast and it had flooded our downstairs and lifted part of the roof off our house , the kitchen windows blew in and I tryed to closed them but the winds were too strong so in came the rain 


the 2011 cyclones we were staying with my mum in her house -- we did not know what our house would look like , big tree fallen down , rain through people houses 


and then you have to remember the eye of the cyclone where it could be soo calm and weird for a couple of hours and then the winds turn around and go the other way 


the day of the cyclones feels soo weird , no birds around , the pressure in the air is still 

the morning after the cyclone you start seeing the damage it has left behind 


the comunity was beautiful , being cut off from raising flood waters cutting off the rail and roads , no food able to come into town , no power , no phones , living for a week on tin food if you have kept some , prepartion is the most important key , it is hard when water damages everything like bushfires does 



Re: Climate Disasters ---- Cyclones

So terrifying , I would have to sell up and move.

you are very brave @Shaz51 

Re: Climate Disasters ---- Cyclones

thank you @Always-hope 

we have not totally lost our house yet --- lots of damage yes 

repairable - yes 

finding it hard to live inbetween -- yes 

@Always-hope, have you being through a bushfire or a cyclone xxx

Re: Climate Disasters ---- Cyclones

Hi Shaz

I haven't been through a cyclone. It sounds very scary and so much cleanup and costly of energy and finances in the aftermath, and emotions of loss. Nature is so powerful.

We had fires here last year, not for about 10 kms around me fortunately, lots of smoke, had to shut all the doors and windows to brethe, but where my oldest son was conceived up in the forset was all burnt bad. Broke my heart. So scary too cos there's trees no matter which way we try to leave. 

I agree, the sense of community was so strong. So nice to have a little rain too from time to time and hear the creek burble. It used to rain so much round here we'd have the frog opera going all night. 

Lately we've had a real cold wind blowing off the east coast, like the polar ice cap is melting and the air is running up the east coast with the currents, and then the forest catches it, so dawn and all morning have been bone chilling cold.  This morning was warmer though.

Sorry to rave on. 

I hope the season is gentle.

Re: Climate Disasters ---- Cyclones

Thankfully no. Friends of ours had a bushfire through their property. 

Their house was nearly completed but only the trees were affected and some wildlife

it was the ongoing checking of trees and clearing to see which had to come down.

i have a vivid imagination and really feel for everyone affected.

Re: Climate Disasters ---- Cyclones

that would of still been scary @grayhorn Heart

Glad you shared your story @grayhorn , sharing is caring , glad you are ok 

we are in cyclone season now @grayhorn@Always-hope 

so it is a waiting game now to see if we have a cyclone form and if it comes , so fingers crossed that we don't get one this year 

Re: Climate Disasters ---- Cyclones

thank you for sharing with us your experience with distaster- so many times! 

I bet each time you built back stronger, physically and metaphorically.

Re: Climate Disasters ---- Cyclones

Hey @Shaz51 you are persistent and brave. Good on you my awesome friend Smiley Happy

Re: Climate Disasters ---- Cyclones

I bet each time you built back stronger, physically and metaphorically. true @Burnt  but you never get used to the thought of a cyclone coming , the waiting game or the Power of the winds and the amount of rain that comes with each cyclones 

\Hello @Hamso@Always-hope@grayhorn@AZZ 

Re: Climate Disasters ---- Cyclones

Hello @Shaz51  you really have nerves of steel. I seriously couldn't live knowing each year that cyclones, floods and fire can arrive and destroy everything you worked hard for and the risk to all life's too.


Take care everyone 💓

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