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Welcome & getting started

Re: Henry's Landing Strip & Hanger

Hello @Historylover 👋 it's good to see you.


@HenryX your memory is very good, I wish mine was as intact. I am enjoying your recollections. I would love to take a train trip to Perth one day! 


Must get back to work, enjoy your day both of you and all here 😊

Re: Henry's Landing Strip & Hanger

And thank you for the reminiscing, too, @HenryX. I grew up in Cannon Hill which, at your young age, wouldn't have been known to you. But it is just a short drive away. Are you referring to Bulimba Primary School – the big brick building with large ionic-styled pillars out front, as I recall. My mother's relative lived just a stone's throw away - in Wentworth Parade also. If you had stayed until your secondary school, we may have attended the same secondary school. I know the river and the ferry. I can't say I remember the military barracks, though. They must have been wonderful years for you growing up amongst so much activity. So exciting for a youngster.


It's amazing – the events which stay in our memory – as if they happened just yesterday. I think it is the excitement, and the emotion generally, which allows them to remain so fresh and able to be so vividly relived.


Yes, people did generally travel by alternative means in times past. Even quite 'recently', in fact. My family always drove between states for the most part – only flying when we became more 'affluent'. 


I sat through a great deal of that SBS program which took a journey on the Ghan – Adelaide to Darwin. It was long, and to be honest, I was glad I could turn it off and do other things sometimes. But I was amazed at the flatness of Australia. And its vastness.  Interesting, though, to say the least. I sat in on a couple of those SBS 'slow trips'. Very relaxing – so needed in our lives sometimes.


You sound to have been a very impressionable youngster. Times have changed so rapidly in recent decades. It must be the computer-effect!


I get the feeling you would have loved your school years, @HenryX.



Re: Henry's Landing Strip & Hanger

Good to hear from you too, @Anastasia. Hope you're doing well. Sending best wishes. 😊

Re: Henry's Landing Strip & Hangar

Hello @Historylover , @Anastasia , @Eve7 

and others who may visit this thread


{Long Post - About 950 words}

For those who may be interested in a piece of my story


Thank you for your replies, @Historylover@Anastasia and @Eve7 . I am pleased that some of the reflections were familiar to you, @Historylover . When I went back to the area in 1975, having driven with friends form Perth, I had drawn a map of the area in which I had lived in Bulimba, and found that even at that time, my recollection had been quite accurate and the area was still much the same as I had remembered it from 20 yrs before . The school “further up the hill” would very likely have been the Bulimba Primary School that you mentioned. However, I do not recall having gone that direction, or past it because the city was, from memory, in the opposite direction. It was, at the time, just “the big school up the hill” to me. It is interesting to consider the “what ifs.... “ and possibilities of where we may otherwise have been.


The military establishment, on the waterfront at Bulimba, was rather unimpressive. I remember the buildings, probably workshops, on the Eastern side of the area, along the South side of the river, with the administration to the western side along the same side of the river. There is a fairly big loop in the river at that location, and the military area was, roughly, on the Northern tip of the land on the South side of the river within that loop, from memory. There were Nissen huts, the types that were used at various locations around Australia, as temporary accommodation for refugees and migrants and probably military personnel during the war. The administration and the huts were adjacent to where the ferry landing was. Most of the land was open then, and used for tracked vehicle exercises. I can remember a small Bren-Gun Carrier being driven around the paddock. All this was only 10 years or less after the end of WW11. Consequently, most of what was happening would have been associated with winding down military activity and facilities. I do know that there was a substantial military camp at Enoggera, but that area was out of my range of reference at the time. I would imagine that the Bulimba site would subsequently have been sub-divided for housing, or possibly industrial use. However, that is only an assumption on my part.


I know that my interest in planes and boats was developed at that time. As I mentioned, that time was the most pleasant period of my life. I agree that the aspects of experience, that provide better memory recall, generally involve excitement, awe inspiring events, things that really cause the memories of events to “stick”. Memories are certainly almost branded into our consciousness when the senses are strongly involved, whether they be associated with excitement, or fear.


I remember going to a “military tattoo” which was presented, more for spectacle, than expression of power. It was probably held at Enoggera, which would be why the name stuck. There was a demonstration of a remote controlled Jeep, which in those days, consisted of a driver, somehow hidden from the audience view in the vehicle, following directions from someone outside the vehicle. Talk about the difference between analogue and digital!!


The fireworks display was probably a way of disposing of surplus military ordnance & inventory, in a spectacular and, at least from the point of view of the audience, useful way. It could possibly have been associated with the 10th anniversary of the end of the war.


Another memory was of a holiday at Maroochydore when there were probably 50 cottages there with a stream winding gracefully down to the ocean from the low hills further back from the beach. The area was beautiful then and probably is so now, but in a different sort of way. We arrived nearby and got a lift on the back of the ice truck to the place at which we stayed. Five star accommodation? No no no! But really very enjoyable. We were at the beach and what looked to me, at the time, like a fence going out into the ocean, was most likely a fish net on stakes laid out to be taken in with the catch.


I can certainly say that it is a long time since I have thought of much of what I have written here today.


Your comment about the flatness of Australia is appropriate. When corresponding with a friend in America, I was talking about “a wide brown land”, and decided to make a comparison. I stopped at 200. But there are many more than 200 mountain peaks in America that are higher than our tallest peak near Mt Kosciuszko.


I understand that many people found the SBS program on the Ghan, from Adelaide to Darwin, to be somewhat tedious and boring. I think that as a TV program, there cannot be the ambience of the train trip. Paradoxically, the people involved in the making of the program probably felt the excitement and vigour generated by that ambience, which does not really translate in film. However, I was fortunate to have been able to take the trip from Perth to Adelaide, on the Indian-Pacific, and the Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin with my mother and a friend about eight years ago. When actually travelling on the train and talking with others about the history of the land, what we saw and learned as we were travelling and at each of the stops, it is not simply about the landscape, which is awe inspiring in its austerity, but there really is a very rugged history there, which is still continuing to evolve. And an amazing amount of activity in the middle of Australia. Definitely not Las Vegas style. Very much more rugged.


Another unpleasant aspect to be aware of, which is unfortunately, a connected piece of history and knowledge, is to know how far warplanes came towards Alice Springs in Central Australia, Broome in Western Australia in addition to the attacks on Darwin in the Northern Territory. We may be even more at risk now, despite and possibly because of the vastness of this country.


That is a somewhat sobering note on which to close this story, however, it really is reason for us in this country to remain ever vigilant, and not to occupy ourselves too much or remain overly involved in “navel gazing”


Thank you all for your interest in this snippet of my story.


With My Very Best wishes for a Bright and Prosperous Future


Re: Henry's Landing Strip & Hanger

That certainly was an interesting read @HenryX and I enjoyed your early recollections of a Brisbane childhood.


I must admit I loved watching The Ghan journey and absolutely stayed glued to it. I enjoy train journeys and have done several long trips in various parts of the world.


Take care

Re: Henry's Landing Strip & Hanger

What an interesting snippet it was @HenryX, you have a talent with words. Thank you for sharing 🤗

Re: Henry's Landing Strip & Hanger

Hi @HenryX Thankyou for your message. 
I don't come on here every day, so please forgive me for not replying sooner. You seem to have had a very interesting life. 
I just got home from a visit with my doctor. I finally found an understanding one that seems to know alot about complex post traumatic stress disorder etc.  

Iv'e been searching for a better life for years. 
Finally I'm on the right track. 
My life has been very interesting. Long story. 
Spring here has been lovely so far. 
I had a lovely day out yesterday for lunch and shopping. 
Today is a rest day, sort of. 
I hope your day is going well and it's good that you are keeping yourself busy. 

You reminded me of a time when I went in a small plane with a friend who had his pilot's license. I remember how amazing it was to see our town from up above. I love the feeling of taking off and landing. Not so keen on long flights overseas though. Love to visit other countries. It's difficult sitting in a confined area for endless hours. But, the end result is amazing, seeing another country. 
Hi to everyone else here. @Anastasia @Eve7 @Historylover 


I hope everyone is ok. 🥰

Re: Henry's Landing Strip & Hangar

Hello @Mumi 


Thank you very much for your reply, @Mumi  , which I appreciated. Particularly talking about your search for appropriate, qualified and supportive assistance. Many here have found that search to be difficult. But when the "right" person, with whom we can establish a good rapport and who gives us a means to living a more fulfilling life is found, it is such a relief and stress remover. Recently I have made contact with a counsellor who meets my needs at the moment, for which I am very thankful. I am very pleased to know that you seem to have found such a person, who appears to be responsive to your needs and wishes for the future. I do hope that your relationship with the new doctor will be productive, meaningful and supportive.


Many on the forum visit occasionally, others each day, and some keep an eye on what posts are made and only interact when there is something that really relates to their own circumstances. Consequently, no need for forgiveness. That is why I mentioned that, if we are online at the time, we can 'chat', but otherwise we can post messages and respond when we come back online. I normally visit the forum each day, to check mesages and respond or comment.


Normally, I endeavour to respond to what a person is saying or describing in their posts. At times my responses can be quite detailed, if that is what I believe is appropriate. However, I rely on the person with whom I am corresponding to let me know whether my responses connect with them in terms of substance and length.


Your description of yesterday in the Spring weather, shopping and lunch gave me the feeling of the enjoyment that you felt. Always pleasant to hear the good things.


As I indicated in one of my posts, Going back, particularly through some of my memories of early childhood days, actually became self-generating, in the sense that the more I recalled and wrote, the more memories came to mind. Setting up this thread has given me the opportunity to describe some of my experiences and the formation of who I am now. It also gives other members some idea of the person with whom they are corresponding.


Flying in a small plane is, I have found, an exhilarating experience, which I really enjoy on the occasions when I am able to do so. I also share your sentiments about long distance travel in planes and also buses, in which the cramped space can become quite difficult to cope with. I have not done much overseas travelling recently, but you may have noticed my brief description of relatively recent Australian travel on the Indian Pacific and The Ghan.


I look forward to talking with you and discussing any issues or positive experiences that you may have. The forum is structured to give us the opportunity to discuss what is hurting us as well as what good things are happening in our lives. Please feel free to talk with me or others about anything that you feel comfortable discussing, negative or positive.


With My Very Best Wishes


Re: Henry's Landing Strip & Hanger

What do you do during your days? @HenryX 

Re: Henry's Landing Strip & Hanger

I guess it's a silly question, considering your last reply. @HenryX 

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