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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Yes @NikNik

we hve our own little business, we had so many different hats , now we have cut back and saying no to any new jobs which is very hard

but my hubby health comes first and now i make sure we have one day a week off to do other things

Yes @Faith-and-Hope totally xx


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi all@
Tough few days so coffee with lots of sugar for me plz and few tim tamsSmiley Happy

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

hello @Diamond , it is so great to see you xx

I have left you some timtams , enjoy

Have you met @Faith-and-Hope, yet , she is a great friend

Sorry @Diamond, I am falling asleep here so I am off to bed , so take care

how are you tonight ?? talk to you soon

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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Thanks for the chuckle guys
Chi Latte for me please ☺

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi @Shaz51 thank u for the Tim tam yummy
And I agree @Faith-and-Hope is lovely we have met grt support she isSmiley Happy
Njoy ur sleepSmiley Happy

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi! faith and hope, Shaz51, and everyone else.
What a great idea! Thankyou. I am enjoying a coffee right now, and unwinding after my son has finally(I'm in WA so it's only 9.30) gone to bed.
He started kindy this year and I'm finding it hard to know what to say to the other mums about my family life with (or without)my husband when I'm getting to know them, I had a bit of a cry in the car this morning. I just lie and act like everything's normal, but I don't like lying and I feel upset afterwards.
Im feeing good now getting warm in front of the heater and have some candles burning and I feel happy right now.
I am grateful for the forum, and knowing that you all are going through similar situations as I am helps somehow. Xxx

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi ... 🙂

Anyone awake ?

Staying up real late with daughter 3 (D3) as she finishes her TAFE portfolio due in today.  She was sick yesterday and lost the chance to do it during sensible hours.  That left her with an all-nighter.  Not the best, but "any port in a storm".  She has to get through.

I keep dozing off ... resisting a nice coffee cos I do have to sleep for at least a couple of hours before driving.  Veeeerrrry tempting tho !


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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?


safe trip supermum 💜

Woke to lovely soft rain here this morning. Been sleeping better thank goodness.

Have to give my mum some time today, bit of a minefield there. Still haven't worked out exactly what her MI is.

Listening to yellow head parrots are chatting out back, beautiful, must put some seed out.


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Gosh yes!

I'd love to have a hot chocolate with all of you and pass around hugs as well.

I had my first hot chocolate for the season a few nights ago and I loved it.  There's nothing like a good hot cup with maybe a marshmallow or two on top.

Yummy sweet goodness.


You are so lucky to have parrots where you are.  We tried to attract some of those, rosellas as well but all we got were the magpies and pigeons.  Then the cockatoos moved in and before long the other birds left and the cockies came on mass.  I think we had upwards of 100 birds in our yard when we were putting seed out.  Then the corellas caught wind of the free feeding and joined in too.  Good grief! 

They even had feeding time worked out and they would start to gather at 8am in the morning and 6pm at night, just waiting to be fed.  We were burning through seed and money. 

Unfortunately we had to stop feeding them a few weeks ago because it was getting way out of hand and the screeching was insane if we were late in feeding them.  Lol.  Oh well, we tried to do a good thing and got inundated.  The worst thing was that there was no parrot or rosella in sight.  We live and learn.

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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Oh dear @kiera, that sounds like a real bird invasion, yikes! Do you live in the outback?

There are trees that attract certain birds, think a yellow gravillia for rosella but not sure. They seem to like the seeds on the conifer.

I saw a possum in the bird feeder one night so pulled back on the amount. Only ever seen a cocatoo once at the feeder, they love those sunflower seeds.

I'm lucky we have doves here too, quiet & gentle.
Miss the smaller birds though - wrens, sparrows.

Cuppa time �💛 💛

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