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SANE Forums are a safe place to share your experience of caring for someone living with complex mental health issues. Our Friends, Family and Carers Forum helps you connect to people like you. You can read stories, reply to discussions or start your own. Click on one of the topic buttons to get started.

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Ashley8 - profile picture
Maybe a narcissist

Maybe a narcissist?i’ve been reading about narcissism and I think perhaps my daughter has it she shows no emotions towards me everything is all about her she verbally abu ... Read more

Shaz51 - profile picture
Caring for the carer

Hello all carers we had a great discussion last night on Topic Tuesday// Caring For The Carer// Tues 29th November 2022 7-8:30PM AEDT is for reading only n ... Read more

CJJ74 - profile picture
New Diagnosis

Hi Everyone ☺️I’m hoping to get some support/advice on schizoaffective disorder please.My 24 yo son has recently been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and also str ... Read more

M15 - profile picture
Newbie with extremely sleepy kiddo

Hi everyone My teen was recently discharged from hospital and is on meds. Since arriving home, my kiddo has been asleep 80% of the time. Waking for meals and a short ... Read more

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