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Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

That is great news @Sophie1, it must be a big relief for MsS as well to finally have validation of what she's been going through. Sounds like your support and persistence with the journal really paid off, so a big congratulations to you on that. Your specialist sounds like a wonderful medical professional, so it's great she's happy to see you for your own pain. Hope you have a great night, sleep well knowing that you have a way forward and we're wishing you both the best for 21 May. Heart 

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

@Sophie1 🙌.

Perhaps a pain diary for yourself leading up to your appt might be helpful.


Would also be interesting to see if the trial results in both  relief of pain but also a reduction in mood symptoms for Ms S and keeping the combo pain-psych chart might be helpful as inflammation can be a factor. 


Ref for inflammation-mood

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

How are things going @Sophie1 ?

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

Hi @Darcy  

im just feeling a tad run down - catching a cold maybe eeeeeek ... my neck and hip have been very painful this week too .. and work has been busy as ever ... im struggling to keep up my cello practice and only played twice in last fortnight - partly due to pain and partly fatigue from work ... have asked my teacher to reduce to fortnightly lessons to ease pressure a bit - but honestly I feel like maybe I should cancel tomorrow lesson as I feel sore throat and nose starting to run - I’m terrified of catching a head cold or flu 

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)


Feeling run down = 😬

Hope your sore throat does not develop into the flu. 


Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

How are you going @Sophie1 ?

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

Hi @Darcy 

not sure how I Am - my mum just left for a two month holiday and I’m missing her already ...  MsS is a bit out of sorts with migraines and headaches  almost all days in last weeks .. pain specialist is next week for MsS so hopefully relief in sight ... pain is isolating her and me at the moment 


my hip is getting worse and my neck is getting better ... tried osteopath and helped hugely - neck is great this week compared to recent months 


my hip is increasing pain tho and I have 

Had MRI scans which showed hip damage from car accident - inflammation, bursitis , small tear in cartilage ... so surgeon doing 2 different injections in two parts of hip over next month to test response and decide next steps - I’m super glad there are next steps but downside is pain and pausing Pilates and cello for 5 weeks as they rotate hip too much  ... although I think I can rig up a standing cello arrangement so I don’t go backwards ....  

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

The Cello is such a beautiful instrument to listen to @Sophie1, hope the standing arrangement works for you and that the pain relief work for MsS Heart and glad to hear your neck is feeling better! It makes such a difference to your day having the freedom to move your head around without too much pain. 

Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

Ms S confused about days of week last few days and in general vague - I’m concerned but I have to be at work today and just hoping she is safe and that I’m making right call - I’ll be home with her tomorrow 


Re: Sharing my life with Ms Sophie (Bipolar II)

@Sophie1 sending very gentle thoughts your way.

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