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Looking after ourselves

Re: Coping Box

Hi @CherryBomb 

I think the tear jerker is a great idea. Often when I am struggling to cope I really need a good cry, because often grief is behind the struggle (holding too much grief inside).

I still need to watch these two films but a friend lent them to me as being child appropriate tear jerkers which are also good films:

Hachi A dog's Tale

The Notebook

One of my favourite Disney films (I'm not overly keen on a lot of them) is Brave, I watched it with my then 10yo when it came out. She was fine (apart from one scary bit where she snuggled up to me) and I cried Smiley Happy

Kind regards, 


Re: Coping Box

I'm the opposite @kristin & @CherryBomb - I try and avoid the tear jerkers. I go for comedy.

Movies -
- Anchorman
- Finding Nemo (a bit of a tear jerker)
- Kindergarten Cop (I'm a bit odd, I know)

TV Shows
- West Wing
- How I met your mother
- Will and Grace
- 24

I find colouring in a great distraction and really calming.

I also head straight to the beach - the beach is relaxing in any weather (even if you do just sit in the car)
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Re: Coping Box

I have to go for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series.. both books and movies!
Then Big Bang! for tv.
Saw 'Home' with kids for my youngests bday and it really was awesome, so that has to be a new fav for kids movies!

Re: Coping Box

Ha ga @NikNuk
If you love Anchorman check out Stepbrothers!!
Absolute classic! Bit of swearing but very funny!! @Former-Member I have just come home from watching home..yep I cried..again..but I laughed heaps too!
Looking forward to Shaun the Sheep Smiley Happy

Re: Coping Box

I LOVE STEPBROTHERS @Alessandra1992 Smiley Happy

Re: Coping Box

I would like to add this image as part of the Coping Box



Does anyone else have poems/Youtube clips/ quotes they would like to include in the Coping Box for members to use when they need it?

Re: Coping Box

Great clips by Pat Deegan on YouTube, also videos from Mad In America..
If only my phone was smarter.. There ate great pics and videos via Facebook from MHAA Mental Health Awareness Australia, Voices Vic, Adavic and PDAN..I share them far and wide except for this forum cause I can't do it on this phone!!

Re: Coping Box

Here's a poem I wrote during the T-ACT course I did with ECASA a couple of years ago. I wrote it about the group, but it's about us here too - in fact every person.


Are we:
black or white
male or female
left or right
straight or gay
up or down
broken or whole
slave or free
human or alien
theophile or atheist
agnostic, Christian,
Jew, Muslim, Hindu,
etcetera to eternity?

Or are these
Merely labels –
Boxes we strive to inhabit
At our own, or others’,
Whilst we foster
The courage
To open-heartedly

Surely this
Is the gift
We have to offer
To ourselves
The world
(However we name,
decry, or deny)


Kristin © June 2013

Re: Coping Box

love grows.jpg






Smiley Happy

Re: Coping Box

How about a cute cuddly puppy that loves being patted .
I feel so much more relaxed with my missy.

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