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Gifts to yourself!

Hi everyone!


So to change things up a bit across the two forum spaces, we have two gift giving threads going! This one is about sharing a gift you would like to give yourself this year. It could be as simple as a cup of tea, rest or maybe its things like kindness, or time. We can use this to have a bit of a goal through the holidays to see how we can actually bring that to ourselves. 


Once you have posted here, head to Gifts to the community! over on the Lived Experience side! Lets celebrate and connect across the two this holiday season!


To kick this thread off, the gift I would like to give myself this year is patience (others are welcome to use the same gift if they want!!) I find the holiday time a bit busy and I can get flustered and want to take charge of things, so having a bit of patience and slowing down is something I'd like to 'gift' myself more of this year. 


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Re: Gifts to yourself!

@Lauz  and everyone the gift I want to give myself is freedom!


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Re: Gifts to yourself!

Who doesn't want an off the cuff witty sense of humour, dental implants, a wise mind, a household cleaning service, a cure for foot in mouth not to mention a fabulously toned body and a new wardrobe to match ... just sayin'. 

A Christmas gift to myself = new years resolutions wrapped up with a large red bow. Yikes @Lauz  ... don't know if I should go there. Smiley LOL





Re: Gifts to yourself!

Freedom is a wonderful one! @greenpea 
@Darcy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy


Re: Gifts to yourself!

Love these @greenpea @Darcy! Great bucket list there too. Wondering if maybe we do a self care tips for the holidays - that might be a nice list to put into there? What do you think?


Re: Gifts to yourself!

@Lauz @nashy @Darcy  and everyone for me a self care tip would be walking with or without a friend.  Walking is so soothing and calming and can be incorporated into a busy life over the holidays. I will be going with my friend early in the morning before the madness starts. I hope everyone has a super pea holidayxxxx

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Re: Gifts to yourself!



Re: Gifts to yourself!

@Darcy, @Lauz , @Snowie , @greenpea , @nashy 

slowing down is something I'd like to 'gift' myself more for  next year 

and more "ME " time


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contentment 2.jpg


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@Determined, @Mrsjones , @Carer101 , @Smc , @Appleblossom , @Dec , @EOR , @Adge , @eth , @frog 


Re: Gifts to yourself!

Beautiful @Shaz51 



Re: Gifts to yourself!



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