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Topic Tuesday // Managing Relationships// **Closed**

Hi everyone!


Tonight we will be discussing RELATIONSHIPS!

Relationships can be hard at the best of times, but meaningful relationships are well worth the work. There are a lot of benefits, ranging from the support provided during the tough times, through to the memories created in the good times.

Be part of the discussion tonight 7pm AEST, where we will be joined by a relationship expert, who will offer insights and tips on managing healthy relationships.



Like this post below if you are going to join us!

7pm AEST see you here!




Re: Topic Tuesday // Managing Relationships// Tonight 7pm AEST

Hi @Mazarita @chookmojo  @Jacques @Angel63 @Gemmy  @Proof_of_Light Thanks all for subscribing to tonight’s Topic Tuesday on ‘Managing Relationships’. Commencing 7pm AEST - 22 September – Look forward to seeing you there!!

Some other members who come to mind that might like to join the conversation... @kenny66  @Appleblossom @Lucky2015  @Joyjoy68  @Ant1  @9350  @tfishface  And anyone else I've missed... All welcome!

Also just a friendly reminder for everyone - if you have a particular question you’d like to ask, or if you are facing a particular challenge that you’d like to discuss, we’d love to hear from you. Please email and we will endeavor to cover your various questions and concerns though out the evening.

All the best,


Re: Topic Tuesday // Managing Relationships// Tonight 7pm AEST

Hi everyone!


Welcome to Topic Tuesday!


Tonight we are talking about relationships. What works for us, what doesn't and how to generate positive connections.

Tonight we are joined by our expert special guest @Lindsay

Lindsay - welcome to the Forums - would you like to introduce yourself and get the session started?


Re: Topic Tuesday // Managing Relationships// Tonight 7pm AEST

Thanks @NikNik it is great to be here tonight! Basically, a family therapist with many years experience working with families, couples and individuals. This has given me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of families from all walks of life. One of the many things that have struck me is the importance that the quality of our relationships plays in shaping the quality of our lives.

Re: Topic Tuesday // Managing Relationships// Tonight 7pm AEST

Our relationships are a strange and wonderful thing. As infants we are dependant upon others to help us survive. If you've ever watched an infant you'll notice how they use social cues (smiling, gesturing, mirroring others)  to get their needs met (mother brings food, water, comfort etc). The infant learns, from the way she is  responded to, how interesting she is how much her needs will be met and how others see her. Our relationships affect how we see both ourselves and the world around us. I believe that our relationships with others form the bedrock that shapes our experience in life.

Because of this I am very excited to be speaking with you tonight about relationships. I want to hear from you about your experiences of relationships with others.

Re: Topic Tuesday // Managing Relationships// Tonight 7pm AEST

Hi @Lindsay


Thank you @Lindsay for taking the time to share your expertise with me/us, i am so appreciative of your time.

Re: Topic Tuesday // Managing Relationships// Tonight 7pm AEST

What I find really frustrating is that I have sought help, I practice mindfulness and nidra yoga (basically breathing).

My partner wont even try - he's seeing a psychologist who encourages him to try it - he won't. I ask him to join me - he wont - he says 'youre just sleeping'. As those of us who have practiced yoga nidra you don't fall asleep.


I can't change him - I can't force him - his psych has asked him to try - he wont. I'm hitting a brick wall. He knows I'm here for him- I reassure him every minute of the day. I'm beginning to think he likes being a so called victim

Re: Topic Tuesday // Managing Relationships// Tonight 7pm AEST

and now I have to shut down - he doesn't like me talking about him. Have a great night guys


Re: Topic Tuesday // Managing Relationships// Tonight 7pm AEST

Thanks for being here @Lindsay@NikNik and whoever else contributes.

I'm interested in this subject because I have had a number of broken relationships over my life, including my parents marriage. I am in a relationship now but it is not exactly conventional in a few different ways. I'm interested to hear what you and others have to say about it all. I can add more as it comes to me.


Re: Topic Tuesday // Managing Relationships// Tonight 7pm AEST

Thanks @Jacques I’m looking forward to hearing how we can be helpful.

Thanks @Tay for sharing your experience! I am a big supporter of mindfulness/yoga and practice daily myself. I think it is hard when you have found something that works for you and of course you want to share that with your loved one!


I'm keen to know from you all how important do you think relationships are? What have your experiences been? Are they something that helps you or hinders you on your journey towards recovery?

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