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Moving house

Moving house is crazy days. I was doing much better than previous moves and giving myself a big ole pat on the back until yesterday. Yesterday I was in the junk many things and so overwhelmed. I have a shitload of other stuff that needs addressing:
Finishing off the final assessment for the year,
Registering at my new DSP Job provider to discuss certificates for a new job I'm keen on...
Visiting my brand new baby neice..
But my mind is just swimming with thoughts of organising this chaos of things in my new home and I haven't managed anything else for days.
I am determined to get back to that positive place I was in just a few days ago.
What to do?
I like order and need my home to be comfy, organised, clutter free and fully functioning but those other things I mentioned, especially the study, work stuff are kind of urgent.
Can I do both?
Any tips on becoming a super time manager after years of being just shit at it are most welcome.

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Re: Moving house

Hi @Learning
well done on moving! getting through most of it positively is a huge achievement i think! moving is so hard and exhausting. I would say give yourself a little break, and a pat on the back and then keep on keeping on Smiley Happy I think it might come down to some prioritising too, if there are things with deadlines that HAVE to be met it's ok to put them first, the boxes needing to be unpacked with un essential stuff will still be there when those things are done (or stay in the shed unpacked like mine.. for a year or more... oops).
I'm not as organised as i used to be but having a routine really helps me with work/study stuff and sticking to schedules. and lists... lots of lists... Smiley Very Happy
Hope things go ok glad you were able to share here Smiley Happy

Re: Moving house

Hi @Learning,

Moving house is super stressful. I have only done it once as an adult and that was enough! Because I don't do change well, I actually took quite a while to move from my old place to my new place. For about a week I alternated between spending the night at my old and my new place (it was a 90 minute drive between them!!!!). On the bright side, it meant that I moved stuff in gradually rather than in one giant go. Thus I wasn't confronted with a bazillion boxes to unpack.

I think the trick is to do it in baby steps. If you only unpack two boxes a day, then this time next week you will have unpacked 14 boxes. How many boxes do you have???

Re: Moving house

Hi @Learning,

It sounds like you have so much going on - finishing off the final assessment of the year; registering at your new DSP job; trying to get in some time to visit your niece; plus moving house - that is a ton!

Moving can be super hectic! It sounds like yesterday was especially hard though. Did you take any steps to care for yourself after feeling overwhelmed yesterday? It is great to hear that you were doing much better than previous moves - it seems that perhaps there has been some progress over time, despite yesteday's stumbling block?

It sounds like you are trying to be super dooper productive and positive - which is great at times, so long as you are taking care of yourself in the meantime. As @Former-Member said lists can be quite helpful; and as @Phoenix_Rising said, taking it step-by-step can be helpful too. Have you already tried something to get back to your productive an positive space?


Kindest Regards,


Re: Moving house

Thanks Lisajane, your thoughtful words meam alot. I wish I had gotten back to you sooner. On a positive note I followed your tip and there are plastic tubs full of organised chaos on the balcony outa the way. They may well be there for a
I've been making lists and will soon be checking them twice as Cmas is looming.
Good news!!!!! I traded heaps of stuff for consumerables and this gave me room to put up my new pre loved loft bed...relief..a) bc I am now getting a better nights sleep and b) because it didn't
I enjoyed your response and am looking forward to future chats.
Here for you too if you need me to lend an ear. I much prefer workshopping other peoples stuff...Lol

Re: Moving house

Heya Phoenix_Rising...gr8 pen name BTW
Thank you for your lovely insightful response. I think I was feeling a lil displaced..I'm not a huge fan of change (who is?)..but I have moved too many times to count (4 th home on less than the last three years)..and am learning a few tricks to ease the discomfort a bit. Like now I try and stay in the same community so all my surroundings (faces and places) stay the same and like you this time I took 5 days overlap to move instead of trying to move in and out on the same day to save on rent.
Still even with these netter options in place moving os bloody daunting hey.
So anywho, I'll just finish with some positives....i fekn love this joint..think I am in love with it's potential and am definately loving having an oitdoor area and a badass gothis view of Pentridge to look at.
The place stunk of smoke from the last tenant but I have cleaned every reachable surface including ceilings and fittings etc and I bc the smell is still hanging about I've invested in a fire pit (fight fekn fire with fire as they say) next move is to light that baby up on the balcony this halloween and to let all the dreamy woody smokey smells fill the place instead.
Anywho, I am rambling.
Thanks for responding for reading and for being awesome
Cheers Viv

Re: Moving house

Heya Amore_Et_Psyche'
You are so right about trying to be supwr fekn dooper positive and productive. Before I moved I was definately in a rut so this move was a blessing in disguise really. I was freakn out from the moment I learnt that I had to move but fortunately I felt really fek'ed over too and was able to use that anger to fire up and organise a place and everything. I think when I found out the smell (it smelt funky like someone had spilt the bong every breakfast lunch and dinner for a year)..wasn't leaving despite having fought this bastard smell with every chemical and every clwaning manuevere known to man for the better part of three very fekn long and physically exhausting days...I just felt really overwhelmed.
I HATE the smell of cigarette smoke..loathe bong smell even more and generally am really particular about how I like the place to smell. I burn oil..I love perfume and soap..I detest some cooking smells too...especially the egg, cheese and bacon combo..anywho I degress ..again
Where was I...
Long story short......I went from feeling seriosly defeated..and back to paniced....then I did a combo and was totally fekn overwhelmed...bc I still physically had to move all my stuff in..and I now had to decide if I could actually live on the fekn nightmarish smelling place that I had just spent three days lovingly cleaning.
Again I have degressed haven't I
I'm just going to stop banging on and to thank u for reminding me that all our feelings are valid and n3ed to be expressed. That there is a time and a place for all those feelings..and that it was okay not to be feeling super fekn dooper perky and that I could just fekn rage if I needed to. And then laugh about it later...look now..haha!
Movings a bitch...I will never pretend otherwise again ..and I will never be fearful of fekn up my fresh start by allowing myself to feel less than q0p% PollyfeknAnna in the process.
Pressures I move I will bitch and moan like the grumpy old chook that I can sometimes be and that's perfectly impwrfect and fekn ok.

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