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Schizophrena - I am looking for advice

I have Schizophrenia and my main symptom is intrusive thoughts.  My intrusive thoughts are mainly gross sexual things.  I'm constantly worried about accidentally saying something obscene.  I'm on medication for it but the thoughts never completely go away.  Does anyone have some advice? 


Re: Schizophrena - I am looking for advice

My gut response is ART @Fred3 


Find ways ... in music ... visual arts ... etc ... to remove it from purely verbal realm ... whatever arts work for you ...


Partly it is natural ... as our biology is wired that way ... another thing ... I volunteer at a zoo ... that helps me understand a lot of those animalistic things in a way that is intelligent and inclusive rather than rejecting and judgemental.


Re: Schizophrena - I am looking for advice

I get intrusive thoughts as well. What is really important is to do talk therapy with a psychologist and get involved with some exposure therapy with the psychologist. These thoughts can be unwelcome but everyone gets them, a brain like ours just fixated on them unfortunately because we try so hard to push them away.


Re: Schizophrena - I am looking for advice

I have intrusive thoughts too - all nonsensical stuffs.


I found this website helpful, they have a module for intrusive thoughts and images too and suggestions on how to deal with them.


Here's a summary:

This module continues with anxiety management information and techniques focussing on intrusive thoughts:

  • Coping with intrusive thoughts & images
  • Avoiding trauma reminders
  • Distraction as a coping method
  • Thought stopping
  • Focus on the present moment


They come with free virtual therapist session too.


Hope this helps! Smiley Happy  


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