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Have your say: updating a guideline

We’ve been listening and have heard members when they tell us that its difficult when their posts get moderated for talking about negative experiences seeking help.


So in response to your feedback we are taking action and want your input on how to improve.  We are reviewing the guideline below that currently sits under Safety:

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 1.11.53 pm.png

(please share helpful content, focussed on wellbeing, recovery and help seeking behaviours) 


As well as feedback from members we also find it tricky from a moderation point of view.


We honour those that have had very real difficult and negative experiences seeking help within the mental health service sector. We know that the support system does struggle to allow for the complexity that exists in mental health issues.


People should be able to get support from their peers about this. At the same time we also need to acknowledge the positive experiences and also be extremely mindful of how discussions may impact another person’s help seeking/recovery journey. For those that may still be in a process of gaining courage to reach out, we want to be sure we do not leave them feeling a bit deterred to take that next step.


The guideline above has the right intentions, but it is too broad and leaves too much room for interpretation. This results in inconsistency – things being over or under-moderated. The suggestion is to remove it as a direct guideline and instead add it as a comment to the bottom of that section.


Posts that are seeking support from peers about a negative experience they had are not against the guidelines, though mods/community managers will probably join in the discussion. Also, if the post named a specific organisation, there is still the guideline about defamation that could be relevant.  


The other update we are looking to do, is to add a guideline under safety that states:

  • Do not post ongoing / repetitive criticism (three posts in two weeks) of a service or the service system. If you are unsure of where to raise your concerns email for information on feedback mechanisms.

The goal of this guideline is to help avoid impacting another person’s help seeking journey. We are not trying to silence anyone but instead redirect them to us so we can help you take that feedback to the right place – as the purpose of the forums is social and emotional support


We are really keen to hear your thoughts on the above? How do these guideline updates make you feel? Do you think they will be beneficial to the community?



Re: Have your say: updating a guideline

How do these guideline updates make you feel?

Do you think they will be beneficial to the community?

Interesting what do you think @Darcy , @Determined , @Sherry , @Peri , @Starta , @Smc , @Adge , @Appleblossom , @Hamsolo01 , @Snowie , @Snoopy88 , @Exoplanet , @Mazarita , @Ant7 , @Gazza75 , @LadyleahRDBloom , @Razzle , @BlueBay , @oceangirl , @Nay69 , @Wanderer , @eudemonism , @Dec , @Teej , @utopia , @Zaphod , @TheVorticon , @frog , @greenpea , @TAB 

Re: Have your say: updating a guideline

Looks like both changes have positive intent.  Hopefully it assists the mods.

Re: Have your say: updating a guideline

me too @Gazza75  and also in the general forum too xoxo

Re: Have your say: updating a guideline

Thanks for tag @Shaz51 

I think the changes are good. @s-jay 

I understand the difficulties the mods face and am glad they are taking the struggles of a wide range of posters seriously.

A lot comes down to listening and real communication.  

Smiley Happy

Re: Have your say: updating a guideline

Happy with the changes, and I think they will benefit all members. @Shaz51 @s-jay 

Re: Have your say: updating a guideline

Do not know anything about guideline updates @Shaz51 hopefully it will not effect myself using sane forums

Re: Have your say: updating a guideline

@s-jay  I think the changes are heading in the right direction and will hopefully make things clearer, especially for new forum users.

Re: Have your say: updating a guideline

I dont think it will at all  my @eudemonism  Heart

Re: Have your say: updating a guideline

Yes @s-jay @Shaz51 & everyone.

I think those Guideline changes are important & necessary.

As you said, it was too broad, & too open to diverse interpretation.

It is necessary to be able to share negative experiences - to feel heard & validated.

That is because the negative experience was often very invalidating in itself.

There were often no avenues open to the person (after the experience) to express their discontent or isolation.


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