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APRIL: Community Wrap

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A big shout out to those that supported the last Community wrap! @Hamsolo01 @Zoe7 @Queenie @Teej @eth @CheerBear @frog @Adge @Sherry @AesopWaits @Shaz51 @Razzle @Smc @outlander @jo3 


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handclapping.png Celebrating members
In the Lived Experience side of the forum we are celebrating member @The-red-centaur for their supportive posts - an example here. Sometimes offering support to others, even when you yourself may be struggling really helps you to feel better as well as the person you are offering support to which is one of the many wonderful impacts of peer support🧡 
For our Carers, we want to celebrate @Tufftimes - you have spent time offering great support on both sides of the forums but we wanted to notice how you got involved in the Ask Us AnythingSmiley Frustratedervice Spotlight this month to support others and offer your insight to this event! 
party.pngForum events to take part in next month

spotlight.pngSpotlight on: 
Got a suggestion for one of our forum events?? Well look no further than our event suggestion box! This suggestion box is for everyone to be able to submit any ideas they have for forum events, such as topics, guests, new event ideas etc. The suggestion box is always open - more details here
quote.pngQuote's of the month
"We are all worth the fight i believe." - said in a lovely response here by @Kim75 in the lived experience forum
"You cannot make her change, you can only change your thought, emotions and consequently your behaviours." - some powerful insight from @Exhausted1 along with some really kind and helpful support here in the carers forum
If you are enjoying reading our monthly wraps - hit the support button and we will notify you when the next one is up!

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