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  • Author : skyburial
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  • Topic : Something’s not right



You're not being intrusive at all, this is an "anonymous account"


I guess the conflict is that I feel as though I shouldn't be interacting with said person, it feels profoundly wrong, but I know it's normal to interact with people, but also seems even unhealthy, guilt is probably the word, but I feel as though as that doesn't exactly fit.


Sorry for not being clear, the immoral belief/feeling feels like a duty, something that if I do properly will enlighten me/make my life better, if that makes sense? Objectively in a sustainable world, everything is optional of course. This immoral feeling prevents me from having a job. Although if I had a job I probably would be a "major alcoholic", just to deal with the interactions. So I avoid anything that has a possiblity to make my situation worse. I genuinely liked my friends, they were great people, but I ghosted them due to my feelings of it being immoral/unhealthy, and I couldn't keep living with the contact, as it caused major stress/conflict within myself.


No one has any input into whether I find interactions wrong, as far as I'm aware, It's something that's been there since preschool, maybe earlier. But a child's mind is very influential so I honestly have no clue. I genuinely believe that it benefits me, but I don't know how exactly.



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