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  • Author : Kleighe
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
New Contributor

Hey! I'm so sorry to hear you're experiencing this. In my opinion you need to trust yourself that this experience and journey you are on right now will be a benefit to your future. Allow yourself to feel emotions. Perhaps journal your feelings and once you've finished allowing your inner child to communicate, close your book/diary/notepad and let those feelings move through you and bring you to a place of peace again. Recentre yourself by writing down your goals, ambitions even your priorities. Remember to always be grateful for who you are, as you are the only one of you and that is a beautiful thing. Name the traits you love of yourself, the things you know you are good at! You are a human being, it is normal to feel sad or stressed but it's always how you come back from it that keeps you winning. Chin up, don't forget who you are!

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