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Im new to this but looking for ways to cope with my current situation. Im 32 and have been married 6 years this year, 9 years all up. I recently found a photo of my husband in my bra sharing it online with other men who have similar interests. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and believe it was a one time experimental type thing. Few months pass and I've found more photos going back to his 20's, emails between him and other men and women. He tells me he loves me and he wants this marraige, he wasn't upfront due to embarrassment and fear. Im so lost, I feel like the man I knew is no longer. I dont know what to believe as its constant lies that keep being bought to the surface. Im so many emotions, I've started counselling but she is leading me to believe he is bisexual, which he denies. I cant sleep, cant eat, lockdown isnt helping either. I feel worthless as a wife, he couldn't even feel safe enough to talk and share this with me, instead he did it all behind my back. He is seeing a psychologist, im struggling to see how this will help us though, if this is what he is into its ok, just breaks my heart I got dragged along for the roller-coaster ride. 

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