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I confess I am quite nervous about restrictions being eased. I am an "at risk" I'm worried about a second wave of Covid-19. 


A couple of different friends have contacted me in the last week, wanting to meet up for coffee or lunch. Although I want to see these friends, my first gut reaction was a shocked "It's too soon! I'm not ready!". I had to take some time to think things through before replying. These friends don't have my illnesses of germophobia and agoraphobia. They know I have both illnesses, and are supportive - but they don't "get it", and why should they? So I feel they would be hurt or offended, deep down, if I tell them I'm not ready to meet up yet.


Also, my agoraphobia and germophobia have both got worse during lockdown, so I can attribute my gut reaction to these illnesses. I will have to come out of isolation at some point, so why not now? Covid-19 is in the world now and won't go away entirely, presumably. I can't stay the rest of my life safely at home.


So I've agreed to meet these kind friends on different occasions in the next 2 weeks, and have started psyching up now. It will be hard for me to leave the house, and very stressful to cope with the possibility of germs - 2 of these friends work on the front line. But at least one of these lovely friends needs support, so that will be good to be able to give it if possible.

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