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Community Manager

 Welcome everyone to a new style of event, a 5-day conversation for carers about caring for loved ones who are regularly in crisis, and a very extra special warm welcome to those members who wanted a reminder of this week long thread Smiley Very Happy

Welcome to @Clover2020 @Pilpa123  @Rachelsparks  @Antics55 @kpreen @Winter3 @Hope12  @Lll @angela4 @Shaz51 @Louisek @Former-Member @kjm @Nong1990 πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Over the coming days myself and @NatureLover and a couple of our other wonderful guides will be hanging around this thread to discuss ideas and discussion points around how to manage when someone close to you has suicidal thoughts or attempts suicide, it can be hard to respond to their needs while also looking after yourself. If you are a carer who has ever experienced this - this conversation is for you. Throughout the event we will be referring to a new SANE resource which is available to Carers – You Are Not Alone 


You are not alone was made with the help of people who have been carers and know how tough it is. Check out the link here. Explore the wheel for information and support. There’s no set order: click what you most need now.


Before I kick off my first discussion point today, I’d like to introduce my wonderful co-host @NatureLover and extend a special welcome to our other community guides who are dropping by such as @outlander @frog and @Shaz51 Smiley Happy Our  Community Guides role model our community values and support members regularly, we're so happy the crew are keen to support and check in on this thread across the week in addition to their usual CG Tasks.  For any guides that are are around, please feel free to introduce yourself as we get the YANA Thread rolling! Smiley Very Happy

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