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From the 29th of June - Friday 3rd of July we will be running a 5 Day Carer Discussion Thread πŸ’œ

When someone close to you has suicidal thoughts or attempts suicide, it can be hard to respond to their needs whilst also looking after yourself. If you're affected by caring for loved ones in crisis - SANE will soon be releasing an incredible resource designed for youYou Are Not Alone is an upcoming online info hub created with the help of people who have been carers and know how tough it can be.

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On the week we launch 'You Are Not Alone', we will be running a five day discussion for anyone who would like to be involved, unpacking the ins and outs of supporting loved ones with complex mental health, discussing access to community support as well as ongoing self-care strategies specifically for carers.


@nashy Will be online during business hours to post discussion points alongside our soon to be announced Community Guide co-hosts Smiley Very Happy


How do I get involved
You Are Not Alone - Crisis Advice for Family, Friends & Carers will be text based, so no software needed. Refresh the page to keep up with the latest posts right here in this thread from the 29th of June. Bookmark this page to easily navigate back here from the 29th!


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