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Additional boundary added to the above list (discussion upcoming)

Over the course of this semester I have had 6 major assessment items.

4 exams, 1 group presentation and a report.

Prior to 2 exams and the group presentation I received text messages from my darling indicating intention of self harm (permanent type). And phone calls prior to last 2 exams 1 to have an argument about something that didn't matter and this morning to again say that she was depressed and didn't want to be here. 

So next semester there will be a clear understanding that I am not to be contacted at all while I am at work or at uni. I will be making arrangements with alternate people to call in a crisis.

Her Mum, my Mum, Church Pastor or lifeline.  It is a risk but in all but one instance the main crisis had passed when I made contact after my assesment was finished. 

Partly my fault as I have always told her to call whenever and even have an arrangement with lecturers to be allowed my phone in class and uni reception that she can contact them and they will come and find me if she cant get me. 

I feel this has been taken advantage of so needs to change. I fail to understand the benifit of consistently calling me before major assesment and causing additional stress like that. Something that has a significant impact on my ability to sucessifully complete my assesment. 


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