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  • Author : Flealee
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Hi everyone

My family is desperate to get my adult sister the help that she needs. She is in her 40's and i think she may have BPD. How do we get her help when she refuses. The last 3 years things have been getting worse but the last 12 months have been so bad that her nieces and my Nanna are now afraid of her. She is so verbally aggressive and constantly agitated or cry-ranting. This behaviour used to be occasional but it is now contant. It's even effecting her job, they need to keep moving her to new areas because "everyone is an asshole and they all hate me for no reason". I think she will be fired soon (again). My mum has been trying so hard to support and has taken her to to our GP so many times, and then to the mental heath place several times, just when she seems to making progress, she says that her councillor is a bitch and they hate her - then she will stop taking any medication she has been given by the GP (antidepressants) and we start from scratch again.

I am a days drive away and feel so helpless. She is shutting everyone out now and won't leave the house except to go to work. It offer calls in sick.

How can we help her when the worse things are getting the more she is refusing help.


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