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  • Author : SleepyDad
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Hi @Aidez  ,

Sorry to hear your going through troubled times. I don't know much about PTSD but I do have my own experience with repressed anger that occasionally comes out in an outburst. 


Obviously in the middle of an outburst it's hard to deal with anything, tempers are up and people aren't exactly open to balanced discussion. Hopefully you don't have to worry about physical threat but if you do then first thing is to guarantee your safety, leave the house, call the police whatever it takes. Work on things in the down time, not when it's too late.

It sounds like your partner has already taken some pretty big steps themself in getting his diagnosis and getting ongoing care and is on meds. Ideally you'd be able to talk to him and ask for permission to communicate with his support team about any specifics he cant answer, this would avoid any loss of trust or him feeling that you are trying to subvert his care/go behind his back.

I think many people avoid having any unpleasant conversations until little things become a big issue(at least from their perspective) and that is a hard habit to break. Really who wants to talk about unpleasant stuff if they can avoid it? If he's open to it then you can try different types of communication, my wife and I have a whiteboard on the back of the bedroom door for messages that we want to get off our chest but don't want to sit in front of the other person and say, gives the other person time to think on and weigh up their reply too rather then in the heat of the moment. It's amazing when you need to condense something down into a couple paragraphs and read it back you often realise how trivial some of the stuff you've been hanging onto is and helps you get better perspective.

Hopefully some others with a bit more experience with the PTSD and IED particulars can jump in and give you some ideas soon too.


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