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He is only allowed webster packs now and the chemist has all the scripts. he hasnt had an attempt for a few years now as he cries for help when the urge to do something hits..thankfully. That happened 5 weeks ago and he told our GP that he had thoughts  he was admitted to a mental health unit for 4 weeks then for the tsm treatmets. What got me though was they discharged him a day earlier than i was told he would be discharged, they sent him home in a taxi with his meds to an empty house! This was a private mental health hospital.

But yeah that statment from my gp threw me this time, i have stayed stong for the last 8 years mainly...but this time i completely fell apart, i had to have 3 days off work and then was questioned about the amount of leave i was taking even though i had a drs certificate. Now his work has told him there is no job for him anymore which has added more stress...we are seeking legal advice on this on friday though as hes currently on workers comp.

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