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Not sure what to do

Hi all


This is my first post here. Im not sure what to do anymore im 27 and lately i have been feeling anxious, depressed and overwhelmed and i was suffering this type of stuff a few years ago. I currently run a business but i just procrastinate and get lazy a lot of the time, i know there is tasks to be done but most of the time i take the easy way out and just sleep or watch tv, its like my belief in myself is all gone. I also always eat junk food and avoid working out and gym a lot more now and dont feel like going out as much. How are some ways i can fix this?


Re: Not sure what to do

Hi @wongli 


I’m glad you’re reaching out for support. My first recommendation would be to talk to a GP about how you’re feeling and see if they can refer you to a psychologist who can work with you. You mentioned you felt this way a few years ago too. Was there anything that helped then that might help now? 

Re: Not sure what to do



i spoke with some people at beyond blue and they got me into a 6 week program called new access and are telling me to get a gp referral to speak with their counsellors i think for 20 free sessions. Before i went to see a psycologist for a bit and quit my job and pretty much took like 2 years off my life just resting at home and bludging but i definitely cant do that again

Re: Not sure what to do

That sounds like it could be really helpful. Do you have a regular GP you can make an appointment with? Take this one step at a time, you’ve done well in reaching out, the next step is to make the GP appt. I find it’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking about how I’m going to cope long term but focusing in on the next thing to do helps sometimes.

Re: Not sure what to do

Hi and welcome, @wongli , it's good you've joined.



@wongli wrote:

How are some ways i can fix this?

As @Cara_in_Yellow said, the first step in treating depression is to make an appointment with your GP for a Mental Health Care Plan, which will entitle you to up to 10 (20 during Covid) subsidised psychology appointments per year. Your GP may also prescribe a medication. The aim of the medication is to relieve sypmtoms and to enable you to benefit from the counselling. Unfortunately there may be a 6-month wait to get in to see a psychologist, due to Covid demand. 


You can also type 'depression' or any topic into the search bar above, on the forums here, to find threads on that topic.


A handy forum tip is if you type @ and click on a name in the drop-down box, that person will get a notification and won't miss your reply. 


I hope you find the forums supportive. 

Re: Not sure what to do

@wongli I'm also glad that you have reach out and taken a positive risk to try something different/new this is a powerful thing and takes lots of courage I want to thank you for this 


We are all different and works for some dosent work for others


I dont find GPs or for that matter anything to do with the Medical Model very useful or helpful I have a mental health presentation thats treatment resistant to medication 


Every GP/Psychiatrist/Psychologist just wants to throw me on medication with little to no interest in my Social Wellbeing how i'm living or other options that may be far more useful 


Do remember Clinicians dont know how medications affect us (Your Amazing Brain) in the long term and as it stands............ still can't even work out how the Brain works OR indeed how consciousness works (Anyone who tells you they do is simply not telling the truth)


Why do I say this? No anti depressant has worked for me or other psychotropic drug all i get from this is a swag of nasty side effects no feelings no motivation no volition and a heap of weight gain that compounds the problem and makes it worse 


I acknowledge medication works for others in their view and thats OK that said you may get just as good a result from many others things Or indeed a better result  


Social Connectedness - Check out eGROW and other support groups Online to connect with people that may have similar journeys Social Connectedness is the biggest predictor of health and wellbeing that science is aware of 


Behavioural Activation - Get up drop your head look at your feet and watch them step you one step at a time out the door keep going go for a walk regularly and do this consistently


Download some Apps and befriend them Headspace, Daylio, Calm Harm amongst many others can help que or nudge you into good habits consistently 


Develop healthy sleeping patterns Ban screen time 2 hrs before bed, if your doing headmiles at night develop a circuit breaker in a different environment get up have a warming tea, book reading, some mindfulness then back to bed relaxed for a body scan ...........exposure yourself to natural light first thing in the morning


Do some diary writing 


Social contract with a support buddy by telling them your plans for the week and check in how you went 


Develop a plan to achieve small goals throughout the day - use check lists tick them off once completed then review at the end of the week


Good nutrition, lots of Omega - 3s Mediterranean Diet YUM! 🙂


In a Nutshell Connectedness Connectedness Connectedness Communication Communication Communication Consistency Consistency Consistency


Be realistic give yourself some reasonable time to get some traction  


Give this a go before someone tries to write you a script you might be surprised by the healing power you already have from behind your eyes and how life changing developing a great support network is 


Whatever path you choose I wish you well in your journey and strength to keep reaching out for support - do the doing - say the saying - deal with the dodging












Re: Not sure what to do

Hi cara


yes i think i have been over thinking lately and thinking about the future too much. I am trying to work on it

Re: Not sure what to do

Hi Nature lover


thanks for your help. Yes i think it would be a long wait as well. I checked with beyond blue however i think they have counsellors you can do online sessions for where the waiting isnt as long. Ive taken medication before but made me feel a lot worse i dont think i want to go back to that option

Re: Not sure what to do

Hi @wongli  -

Just jumping in to help out. If you want to tag another member, type the @ symbol to see a list of names. When you click one, it shows up in blue. If the name you want to tag isn't there, start typing and it should appear eventually. That way, the members will get a notification that you've responded 😉

I will tag @NatureLover and @Cara_in_Yellow  for you so they know you've replied.

 Let us know if you have any questions!

Re: Not sure what to do



Thanks for your help Lou. I will definately check these out and have got some apps already to try help me. I have seen a psycologist before years ago and they didn help out a bit and i agree with you about the medication ive taken it years before and it made me feel the worse ive ever been. Do you have a website for eGRow i cant find anything for it? I will try sleep earlier and get off technology more as i believe they are a big contributor in how im feeling now

Illustration of people sitting and standing

New here?

Chat with other people who 'Get it'

with health professionals in the background to make sure everything is safe and supportive.


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