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Welcome & getting started

Senior Contributor

Hi from a LGA of Concern :)

Hi everyone,

I recently joined this forum because I am working my way up to have the confidence to join a support group (one day.... after lockdown ends...). 
I recently finished up at my job and I'm trying to finish off a uni degree. I've potentially only got a few weeks left (if I pass this semester) and then I'll find a part time job again (thinking positive). 
I'm sure I'm in the same boat as everyone - the general feeling of unease and frustration at the whole covid situation. As per the title, I'm in an LGA of concern and have been under lockdown for a while now. I'm feeling the difference in terms of access to my support network... I don't have access to my psychiatrist which makes me feel quite uneasy because she is such a reliable doctor and the best I've ever seen. I've been seeing her for a decade now and have a great rapport with her. I had a teleconference booked with her last Monday and she was a no show.... and I can't seem to contact the part of the hospital she works in. They have an inpatient unit and I'm worried they might be in crisis or similar. 
My diagnosis is Bipolar, which o do my very best to manage with meds and behavioural awareness (ie going to bed at a boring time every night instead of giving in to the tempting night owl lifestyle; trying to remember to eat even when I don't want to, going outside to get sun on your face etc). 
I didn't mean to make this intro so long - well done if you're still reading Smiley Happy thanks for having me! 


Re: Hi from a LGA of Concern :)

Ahhh @ArtistZ  After lockdown ends ...

we wont know ourselves.

Welcome join in on more social chat threads or use a thread for your story or in getting support.  It is an evolving forum.  There are guidelines that can be a pain, but I usually dont let it faze me and work around and within the rules.

See you around ...


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Re: Hi from a LGA of Concern :)

Hi @ArtistZ 

I too am in a LGA of Concern   . So l know too well this lockdown has been horrible . I speak to my psychiatrist via phone and psychologist via zoom . 

Not seeing support in person is extremely difficult.

I too take meds but cabin fever is gettimg the better of me. Hopefully this will end soon.

I use my laptop with a movie to put me to sleep , u would think the meds would put me out especially since the psychiatrist doubled my dose.

I have Borderline Personality Disorder plus major depression and Self harm on top , so a really special mix am l .

I dont eat the best as l really lose the feeling for it , so l have been drinking protein shakes for breakfast and lunch and only eat dinner so it works out easier for me. 

Have you got your psychiatrist's  email address to contact ??? I email my psychologist nearly weekly when l dont see him to tell him how l am. I kinda works .

What are u doing at Uni ?? of u dont mind me asking ???

Take care and heres to some normality soon  Smiley Happy


Re: Hi from a LGA of Concern :)

Hi @ArtistZ !


Welcome to the forums! I'm so glad you've taken the first step in reaching out!


Im currently on my last sem of uni too. I'll be done by the end of the year. I assume you are in NSW? Or are you in VIC? Lockdowns can be very frustrating.


Ive been working from home for a long time now. It's tiring, but I don't resist it because I know I can't do anything about it. To make it a bit easier, I use a schedule each day so that I eat properly, exercise outdoors everyday, stay in touch with my therapists via Telehealth, book in online health/fitness classes for the evenings, and attend mindfulness classes. I find that if I have things scheduled in, it helps the Lockdown time pass faster. It also gives me connection to other people.


Just like the weather, we can't necessarily change it, but we can learn to live with it.


Hope that makes sense,


Re: Hi from a LGA of Concern :)

Thanks so much Apple Smiley Happy you’re so right, we won’t recognise ourselves! I actually want to save for a new tattoo at some point and it will very deliberately not have anything to do with lockdown or covid 😂

Re: Hi from a LGA of Concern :)

Hi Evanthia,
Thanks heaps for your reply - you have good ideas re pdoc contact. I’ll keep trying - I’m doing that ‘oh my god I hope she’s okay’ response more than worrying about my treatment. She’s such a good person and working in this area is risky.
I’m doing a bachelor of psych science at uni and it’s not easy but I love it. I find the stats really tricky when I’m not 100% and really feel the cognitive impact at those points! But challenge is good (especially to distract us from stuff we can’t control - right? Smiley Happy )
Eating is tricky - sometimes I look at pictures of food on Uber Eats to try and get hungry 😂

Re: Hi from a LGA of Concern :)

Hi BPD Survivor,
I love the weather metaphor - that’s so true. And the weather is gorgeous here today 😃
I’m in a Sydney lockdown - I think this is week 12? So hard to keep track of time, hey Smiley Happy
Thanks for the good ideas about scheduling the day - I’ll ponder on how I might get more structure in my own days because they’ve been totally focused around the 11am pressers and I need to stop that 😂

Re: Hi from a LGA of Concern :)

Thanks for sharing, ArtistZ.  I am in a lockdown hotspot, Canterbury Bankstown LGA.  Can't wait to get out of lockdown and restrictions, my anxiety and depression and isolation has never been worse. 

Re: Hi from a LGA of Concern :)

Hi Owen,

im watching the presser now - no more curfew from tonight - I'm in the Fairfield LGA Smiley Happy not sure what I'm excited about - not like I have plans but I really feel better about not having a curfew - the inequality in the way different parts of Sydney have been treated is just awful.

I hear you on the isolation, this is just another level hey!

Re: Hi from a LGA of Concern :)

Welcome @ArtistZ !

Well done on your optimism in face of some serious challenges with your pscyhiatrist no show (I totally worry about my therapists  wellbeing too Heart ) and studying whilst under lockdown. 

As someone who also studied Psych, I can tell you I have blocked all of that stats nonsense from my memory forever! SPSS who? R?  I don't know them! haha

Wishing you and your LGA well! 

Illustration of people sitting and standing

New here?

Chat with other people who 'Get it'

with health professionals in the background to make sure everything is safe and supportive.


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