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Alternative therapies

Has anyone tried any alternative therapies that have helped them in any way, in particular for depression/anxiety? I'm asking as a health professional I know has offered to give me a session of biocranial sacral therapy... she strongly believes in it doing amazing things. And I have never heard of it to be honest.

I believe that everything in the body and mind is connected/linked, my psychiatrist believes this also and has been investigating my biochemistry and has put me on certain supplements and alternative treatments made up at the compounding chemist. I trust him and what he is prescribing for me. I like that he doesn't want to dump me on a load of chemicals with side effects.

What are your thoughts on alternative treatments? not necessarily in place of, but maybe to work with more popular/traditional treatments like pharmaceuticals and talking to a psychologist. I'd love to hear of some of your experiences. Thanks in advance.


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