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when is a loved one classified as a missing person

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when is a loved one classified as a missing person

Hello all


I have started this thread to open up a discussion about the classification of "a missing person"

I have not found anything else about this subject on the forums..

I might not have typed the correct words in the search bar....I am no technology guru trust me..


For some time now I have felt that this is an area that does not fit within most of the current threads...

as I have said I cannot find any other thread in the past to rebirth so to speak...

If you receive phone calls ...are unable to ring the mobile ....experience constant change of not know the exact whereabouts of person....unable to go and visit...unable to talk face to face...unable to hug...unable to hold...listen to delusions...hang onto every word and find a gap to attempt connection...occasionally succeeding for a minuscule moment..sensing you have that loved one fleetingly...

where are you all..?

You must be out there...


There are so many missing people....

Unless you find yourself remotely related to this predicament you might not even be aware of this fact as was the case with myself...

I was the statistics...

Most people associate this with people without any signs of mental illness...I have to say that I hate this term.. I cannot find something that fits...why is that... how can anyone know how it feels to be struggling within another's mind? so I use the term at the moment...mind struggles..

I have been searching frantically for nearly two years for support groups....I have been directed to a few..I have found them to concentrate mostly on the struggles of the people present opening up...

nothing has come to fruition...

why is that?

Look at the statistics..

The family members....friends....are grieving...

It is actually seen as taboo in the world that I am in..


so I invite all discussion around this subject...


quite frankly I am beside myself with searching for support groups.....agencies...government assistance...

I gleamed the other week that a support group that had previously been active in another state will now cease due to the roll out of ....yes you guessed it....NDIS....

In my state there are no support groups other than missing persons.....NORMAL missing persons....NO reference to "mental health"...

Research shows that many homeless people...not all..suffer from some mental health condition..

personally I hate the word mental health...

I have experienced stigma and huge struggles as a result of acknowledging that I have a history of . .....major depression and chronic trauma....anxiety...

My encounter with varying people within the medical industry has demonstrated a defensive reaction towards any of my questions in regard to the matter of my health at the time...

I know from talking to lifeline so many times when the pain becomes unbearable that there are many out there going through this..

talk to me

help me


My voice matters...'

My missing family member matters...

If you are still reading....I feel for you


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Re: when is a loved one classified as a missing person

@Sophia1 My dear friend Sophia1 xxxxx

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Re: when is a loved one classified as a missing person



 Inexpressible pain.

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Re: when is a loved one classified as a missing person

Hi @Sophia1


I don't like the term Mental Illness either - maybe it applies to someone who is really incapitated by whatever it is that ails them but not everyone


I prefer the term I invented - Emotional Discomfort - which I think - well in my case - in the past I had Reactive Depression and I still have Anxiety - and that can be bothersome and can really fracture a day - or an event - try changing terminals at the airport when the flight is nearly ready to leave - that was a kicker


But about missing persons - yes - I have been on the "safe-at-home" side of missing persons - my son was frequently missing and it was a nightmare. There were no mobile phones then and I would have no idea where he was or why he had chosen to run off again and I never will - was he abused? I will never know - 


But he was so unhappy - I suppose he ran away to find a better place but of course when ever he got where he was going - he was still himself and so miserable and so fragile


Our hearts can break for those who disappear - and sometimes forever - anything could and sometimes does happen - I feel so much for families of people who are lost forever - I cannot imagine what that must be like as my son turned up every time - but it is a horrible place


Don't we as their loved-ones count? Don't we matter? Have they run off to punish us for some real or imagined fault? How can we ever tell?


You have such a powerful point to make here Sophia - I am glad you have spoken up