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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor


I have no words

Senior Contributor

Re: :(

Did you get a chance to chat with HC @Hamsolo01 ?

Senior Contributor

Re: :(

@Hamsolo01  Am here with your Hamsolo01 xxxx

Re: :(

Thanks @greenpea
What is HC @Zoe7
Senior Contributor

Re: :(

Help centre @Hamsolo01 

Re: :(

I will later today @Zoe7
I need to do some applications

Re: :(

hi @Hamsolo01 hope you can chat to sane soon & it's helpful

Re: :(

Thanks @BryanaCamp
I dunno if I will. I find it can be repetitive. But for the rest of today I'm going to do some applications. I sent one off this morning. Working on two atm as they are similar.
Might write up another article and submit it somewhere. I did that yesterday but they didn't like it.

Re: :(

i don't care anymore

Re: :(

@Hamsolo01 virtual hugs mate. Hearing you.
What's one nice thing you can do for yourself.

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