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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

something is definitely not right

I dont normally write about politics but I have to today as a huge injustice is being done. Have just read that Turkey has attacked Kurdish positions in Northern Syria.  This makes me both sad and mad Smiley Mad. Shame on all who stand by and let this happen. pea


Re: something is definitely not right

yes well trump isnt known for making careful decisions i suppose. but it was silly of him everyone told him that was a bad idea because turkey and the kurdish have been fighting for a very long time and dont get along. but i think turmp has other bigger plans in other areas and while he may be being left to clean up a mess he didnt make it is still his job to do it. they should never have gone into that area to begin with but we have bush the thank for that. oh and some oil companies. 


(this is just my personal view feel free to disagree) 

Re: something is definitely not right

@Eden1919  I agree with you totally Smiley Sad

Re: something is definitely not right

It's hard @greenpea. I don't watch or listen to news anymore because I find it too triggering. I feel desperately sad for the situation 😔

Re: something is definitely not right

Totally agree @greenpea @Eden1919 @Molliex Unfortunately throughout history there has been constant fighting over land and wealth. We live in a world where money overrides life and it is so very sad. ...and right in the middle of that has been western powers especially those that believe they are the superpower and leader of the western world. There have been so many times that intervention has been taken where it is neither wanted nor needed however help has not been given in other areas as it has not been seen as a financial benefit to do so. 


It is also disgraceful that we see in the media the hundreds/thousands of people killed in attacks on the western world and that becomes a continual stream across all media for days/months to come whereas in places like Syria/the Middle East these things happen everyday and yet we are oblivious to them because it is not in the media's interest to inform. 


When will we as a society value all human life and say enough is enough ...and when will the 'powers that be' work for equality for all rather than segregating. alienating, marginalising and controlling who deserves what and for how long. This permeates all levels of society and all areas of the world. Enough is enough and it is up to us to take a stand as individuals , as a collective, as a nation, as a society as apathy breeds contempt.

Re: something is definitely not right

With you on this @greenpea @Zoe7 @Molliex @Eden1919 

It is sickening. It's devastating to see such injustice on a big scale.

Re: something is definitely not right

It's hostile. I don't understand it. Too much

@greenpeaSmiley Happy 

Re: something is definitely not right

I agree with you all wholeheartedly. @frog @Everan @greenpea @Zoe7 @Molliex 

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