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Re: This Should Be The Most Joyous Time Of My Life

Enjoy the Lego building, @CheerBear ! It's the greatest thing... expensive hobby but a brilliant, hands-on learning tool, particularly for the young'uns  ;-)


And cheers! Time seems to be passing so slowly... is it OK if I ask a physical symptom question? I don't know if there's a way to do that privately or if it has to be public... xx


Re: This Should Be The Most Joyous Time Of My Life

Time does strange things @LJE. Sometimes it feels like it goes so slowly and other times it flies!

There's no private chat function here but if you'd like to ask a question knowing this is a public space, you're welcome to. We can't give medical advice but we can share our experiences.

Re: This Should Be The Most Joyous Time Of My Life

OK, brilliant. It's not an overly personal question, @CheerBear, but I'm hoping sensible people who've had babies before might be able to let me know if it's normal!


I'm not sure if this partly because I'm having such a hard time physically relaxing (I find my whole body tense all day and even wake that way and I know that part is anxiety) but I have a fairly constant pelvic.... pressure... I think that's the best word? It feels like a fairly constant pulling or tugging. It's not pain as such, and it doesn't feel like period cramps but it's just a bit uncomfortable. Nothing else associated with it at all... (if you get my drift, it won't let me put in the word I need to say!) ... just this weird pressure and sometimes some very minor back ache. I'm assuming the uterus is growing and I know based on my HCG results from late last week that lots of hormones are flying around.


I just can't relax because I don't know if this weird feeling is normal? Deferring to better and more experienced brains than mine 😊


Re: This Should Be The Most Joyous Time Of My Life

I can only speak from my experience @LJE but with all of my pregnancies (all sounds a lot haha - 3 babies from 4 pregnancies), I felt strange sensations of different kinds from early on. I think part of it might have been that I was hyper focused on what was going on with my body that everything felt more intense. Part of it was also the bonkers hormones and changes that happen too I'm sure. Growing a human can be pretty full on 😁

Is it worrying you? If so, it might be worth speaking with a dr or health professional. Peace of mind is worth so much and sometimes some reassurance goes a long way.

Re: This Should Be The Most Joyous Time Of My Life

I think you're right, @CheerBear ... i'm similarly hyper-focused and after 9 years of chronic pain, everything that's new or different sounds and feels like a big deal. I think I'll check in with my fertility specialist if it gets worse. Thank you for the speedy responses! Does wonders for my brain xx


Re: This Should Be The Most Joyous Time Of My Life

You've had a really rough time by the sound of it @LJE. It makes a lot of sense that new pains or sensations would be hard to sit with. Everything crossed for you 🤞

I find sometimes just sharing my worries can help, even if no-one can actually fix it. It helps to know we're not alone I think 🙂

Have you had a look around the forum? There's lots to join in with and heaps of people to connect with which might help you through the anxious times and long wait. There's also always someone around too (though sometimes it can be a bit quiet and not as speedy 🙂)

Re: This Should Be The Most Joyous Time Of My Life

I've just crawled into bed and was planning to have a look around the forums to see if I can give back, after everyone's kindness to me today! Thank you for the well-wishes... I'll keep you posted 😊


Re: This Should Be The Most Joyous Time Of My Life

I'm so glad you've found support here @LJE and that you've found the strength to fight through this again. Sometimes some support from the forum is priceless. 

id love to see what you came up with making the positive cards if it's not identifying. I've posted something similar once that I knew I was the only one that saw it. 

I know it's not the same as having family hugs but I hope you can feel the virtual hugs from the forum. 


PS I loved playing LEGO with my kids when they were little. 


Re: This Should Be The Most Joyous Time Of My Life

Cheers @Teej ! I'm hoping to finish the cards tomorrow so will post them then. The wonderful people on this forum literally saved me from crisis point today (I know it probably didn't sound like it but I was rock bottom) and by the end of the day, between you girls and my wonderful husband, I'm back from the brink. So, soooo grateful. Thank you to @Teej @CheerBear @Razzle  and @Tortoiseshell ❤ I've never joined a forum before but I'm so glad I did today!


PS. Our life savings are literally bound up in Lego. It's the only thing I have of value thus far in life - haha


Re: This Should Be The Most Joyous Time Of My Life

Hi @LJE 


I know what it's like - I don't know the intensity of what you are feeling but I have my own story. I can't assure you off success but there are reasons to think your pregnancy can be successful and I hope for the best for you


My story is that I miscarried early in my marriage and then had many different kinds of tests which made it unlikely that I could hae a baby and this was devastating as you know yourself


After 6 years of marriage and adopting a child I gave birth to a little girl after an difficult pregnancy and she was born at 8 months - now she is in her late forties and a wonderful woman - the rose of my life - she always has been


The unexpected events of our lives are not what we expect and we can't foretell the future and I remember that pregnancy - I didn't have morning sickness - I did have a cervical suture to help hold the baby and it obviously worked but it was hard going through each day not knowing how long I could last and I get what you are saying


But you say you are strong and your baby will be strong too - hold onto this and I do wish you the best - I really do - and in a few months I hope you really will hold your precious bundle


But I know - I do - 


All the best




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