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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Super confused

I'm really confused, I faced a situation that made me really uncomfortable. When I discussed it with my psychologist I was asked what my parts were telling me.


I have no idea what I was being asked. I remember freaking out and just telling myself it was ok and would be over soon. I got asked what my parts were telling me and that my fight part was saying to me why didn't u speak up but my flight and submit part were stronger.


I also got asked what I would say to someone if they were freaking out and when I said I would reassure them I was there and comfort them I got asked where is the reassurance. However I feel like talking to myself is weird 


Re: Super confused

Hi @Jessten  it is confusing to explain your inner workings to someone who does not experience it.  I think health professionals use terms to work out for themselves the situation because they are trying to work out how to help you.  Like trying to describe an urban landscape to someone who has never been to the city or have any experience to compare it too.  Maybe try to provide them with the terms you understand and let them know their terms confuse you may help.

Much love.


Re: Super confused

Hi @Jessten 


I hear you - if I was asked what my "parts" were telling me I think I would be confused too - I understand the question but never thought about that before but maybe it's a new question and could bear some thought.


Thinking back to our language though - yes - maybe we feel "weak-kneed" or we have to "stand on our own two feet" - we have our "back to the wall" or "Our head in the clouds" 


Maybe your legs were telling you to get up and leave but a more cautious part of you was saying - "Stay and listen and work this out" - I don't know - but I do identify with "butterflies in my tummy" - "tooth-grinding" - I am a champion tooth-grinder.


That's enough for that now - it might help understand the question


Talking to ourselves though - for me it is certainly not weird - it's necessary - I live by myself and I had a cat for 15 years and told her everything - she has been gone about a year now and so I talk to myself - and listen - and remember things and pray too - it's fine for me


But I had never considered talking to my "parts" and maybe that's a good idea.


Everyone is unique - I am glad you have posted your concerns - it's an interesting post and given me something to think about


All the best



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