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Something’s not right

Re: Staying Safe

Hi @Darcy 


We are going ok although I’m finding winter has me feeling quite lazy.

The input of the survivors group has still been a major support and somewhere to feel normal. 

Although we had issues with mental illness I was blissfully unaware of the existence of such groups and wish I could have remained that way.

Society and social media is not conducive to well being and relationships. Now we have a modern epidemic of mental issues.

Hope you are travelling ok too Darcy.



Re: Staying Safe

Hope you are looking after yourself @WinterSun. You are right about things moving slower in the winter - be kind to yourself for taking things slow. That's great that you are feeling normal with the help of your supporter's group. Do you have much planned for the weekend?

Re: Staying Safe


Not much on enjoying the slow down.

Re: Staying Safe

It can be quite lovely, can't it @WinterSun? What's your favourite way to relax on a cold or rainy winter afternoon? 

Re: Staying Safe

Hi @WinterSun 

Checking in to see how you are going.


Re: Staying Safe

How are things going @WinterSun ?

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