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Something’s not right

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Re: Psychosis

thank you
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Re: Psychosis

thank you

Re: Psychosis


If you feel that staying off the forum will give you some clarity to gather your thoughts etc then that's a wise thing,but if it is because of other reasons,then don't listen to your brain.

Its ok even if your currently sensitive or overreact as you won't be judged negatively by us/here for it.

I share your view on the Public Mental Health System as it currently stands.

Frankly,there are many people working in this field that are useless/incompetent or even downright abusive in some cases.

Re: Psychosis

I have benefitted from reading your posts @Former-Member and I am sure others would.

Yes it is also good to just "get it out".

I have times when I dont post much .. the mods advised me to keep doing what was good for me.

We, you and I both are genuinely caring for others who were/are struggling even more than we ourselves.

I agree with @ivana that there is a very mixed bag regarding workers in the field.  

A really good way to achieve positive change is to have this outlet .. which can chart some of the positives.. and things that work about the system and things that dont .. it ensures there is a bit of transparency and accountability.

I have yet to read the latest Mental Health Act in my state .. I will get there.

Re: Psychosis

what for? are absolutely fine .....its okay. 


I love flowers, I will probably get a book on how to make paper flowers one day.


Re: Psychosis

Hello @PeppiPatty, @Pippa33, @Appleblossom, @ivana, @Former-Member xx

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Re: Psychosis

thank you @ivana

you are correct i am supersensitive. i have found that writing on here has been an immense help. i am a very deep person, always thinking.

so expressing my thoughts helps me so much.

i am a list maker. my husband thinks that is hilarious. laugh all you want i say. one holiday we arrived he had not packed any pyjamas. i just asked if he had checked his list.

at work i make notes in meetings, training etc even though there are handouts which are usually useless as they are written in jargon.

i think, i write, i think, i write. i would love to write a book but havent a clue where to start. did look into it briefly but was overwhelmed at all the different ideas, how to, what to and what not to do.

that is what i find about myself with my major depression, i have many passions, dancing, gave that up years ago, swimming gave that up too embarrassed to go back after being away for so long with depression, gardening and walking dont even feel like going outside of the house at the moment. i am more an outdoor than indoor person normally. music i will have that blaring away when here on my own. i dance around on my own too. reading yes can lose myself in a book. tried drawing and painting last time in hospital and thoroughly enjoyed. energy to get it all out - non existent. house is also on market so have to be prepared for open inspection by appointment at any time. another nightmare.

Ivana you have worked your magic you got me to open up and rave. thank you and thank so many others sorry too tired to try and go back and find all the kind words. you all have helped me. i have been an absolute mess today went to bed this afternoon and hid. husband not very happy with me we have to go to hospital for him to have another ct scan on his heart tomorrow.

well try to go to sleep now, hope you all have some peace in your sleep tonight also. night night by outerspace friends.  i need to come up with another name. perhaps we should start a thread i will try it ;and see if i get any ;response. wish me luck


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Re: Psychosis

hello @Appleblossom @PeppiPatty @ivana @Former-Member

i lost where i had written these posts and found them again today.

my head has been buzzing so much, i have been responding left, right and centre.

thank you all again for responding during that relentless period.

it has quietened down because his CTO expired.

He is interstate still not sure if in the same place as i found him. he last spoke to his dad when he needed some money for a taxi to take him elsewhere, somewhere cheaper. no information was shared with his dad at all. This doesnt surprise me at all, as his paranoia would be working overtime no doubt.

i have not heard from him since i would not give him any money. I gave him and myself some space. i tried ringing twice this morning. recorded message hmm the person doesnt seem to be responding at the moment then no opportunity to leave message. i sent him a text message asking how he was, telling him that i had tried ringing today and would he call me as i needed to know that he is ok. no response as yet.

he may still be asleep. i refuse to think about anything else.

I have my first appointment with the psychologist tomorrow re giving advice on paranoid schizophrenia.

How are you all?

Tawney how are your brothers? Did anything positive come from the tribunal?

I do think of you all. i write on the other side (sounds dreadful doesnt it) so i get confused and cant find old stuff because dont know what title i responded too. i just find this one because i thought oh psychosis might learn something from that. Well I did I learnt that I had already been writing on the post! Give me strength!!


take care all at this crazy time of year xx


Re: Psychosis


A family member I live with has psychosis. Recently she was weaned off her medication because of severe side effects. After being off it for three weeks I noticed things were starting to worsen. There were a lot of big and frequent mood swings. This time though she has been very focused on past events (her childhold and relationship with her mum). I have never heard her say such harsh, horrible things about her mum before and what she tells me seems to be exaggerated at times but I don't know for sure if it is or not. From what I have read, it appears that an obession and exaggeration of past events can be a sign of a relapse.


I and anoher family memebr brooched the subject, and went to her GP and discussed everything. She is now on new medication, which seemed to minimise the mood swings at first. However, it's been nearly a month and I have noticed things have been getting wore. In the span of 15 minutes I will be yelled at and criticised, before being apologised to whilst she is upset, and then she wll be happy and laughing, before coming back to a steady mood. I am really at a loss how to handle this. When she had bad syptoms before I was very young, and now I am older, I am seeking advice on how I can help her, what I should say and do, and if there are other signs or things to keep an eye on/watch out for?


The most difficult part I find is that I cannot discuss this too much with her because otherwise she will accuse me of not being on her side, and saying she can't trust me and that I just want her on medication for theret of her life. All I want is for her be healthy and her psychosis under control. Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance,



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