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New Contributor

Psychosis- Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

I'm a first time poster, seeking help, advice and for someone to listen without judgement. 

Im at my absolute wits end. I live with my mother and sister. Last year on Christmas Eve my mother out of the blue developed a psychosis. Since then, we have only had two months of normality. 

She constantly thinks someone's always watching her, putting stuff in the water, spraying the dogs with chemicals, and that our neighbours are conspiring against her. She's spent 5 grand on cameras and alarms (that she constantly sets off) and thousands on vet bills. All our fans in our house are covered, and curtains are kept closed on most days. You cannot physically Maintain a normal conversation with her without her talking about her hallucinations etc.  

I'm trying to help her alone. Her behaviour and irritational thinking has pushed a lot of people away. Even the guy who installed our cameras won't message her back.  She has absolutely no insight and won't accept help. 

Police have been here more times then I can count. She was taking photos on a camera for a while saying people were hanging in ropes and harness.


I have tried everything under the sun and I'm exhausted mentally and physically. I have tried to make her challenge her thoughts, I have tried ignoring and diverting. I thought it would have settled but it hasn't. Mental health team were involved, but because she wouldn't accept help they couldn't do anything.. only a involuntarily order. But I don't want to be the bad guy. I Am not sure what has caused it, however she admitted she uses ice 'on occasions'.

I feel like I'm grieving the loss of my mum and best friend without losing her? She's a different person. 
I have spoken with GP, and was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. However couldn't afford to see a psychiatrist due to not working because I was constantly being woken up in the middle of the night by my mum. 

For anyone out there, how did you cope with similar? did they magically wake up one day and it was over? Did you do anything to help that wake up? 
Please tell me I'm not alone, and that I'm not the only one that's experienced this. 
I need help.

I'm so ashamed to tell anyone, and those I have told just turn there back on me (as anyone would!)


Re: Psychosis- Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

@Anonymous12  Hey Anonymous12 and welcome to the forum. I have schizoaffective disorder and a son with complex needs including schizophrenia.  When I was having full blown psychosis I sounded very much like your mother .... alot I cannot remember but I do remember some and none of it was pleasant. Is your mum on medication for her psychosis? Does she take the medication given to her? Is she still on ice? lots of questions but honestly although a stint in a hospital mental health ward sounds awful for all concerned if she is a danger to herself or others that would be the best place for her while her needs can be met and you can have a much needed break.


You are not alone my friend I also went through hell with my son2 with schizophrenia for 6 years whilt he was a teenager and now since he is on the right medication and taking it he has calmed down alot and is a much happier person. During that period we also had the police on speed dial it was terrible and my psychiatrist at the time said it was what coursed my own mental illness due to stress.


FYI if you want to talk with anyone in particular put a @ infront of their name it will notify them of your post like I did for you. Take care and know that you are not alone. greenpeax


Re: Psychosis- Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

@Anonymous12. So sorry to hear this. I have a brother who has recently developed psychosis. It is really exhausting. I managed to convince him to visit a mental health clinic but he wouldn't stay there. I got saved from being the bad guy as he didn't turn up to his daily appointment so they involuntarily admitted him. He is on meds for just over a week now but still got paranoid ideas. Just letting you know, you are not alone. Happy to chat more if want.

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