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New Contributor

Not coping

Hi all. 53 yo old single mum of 3 (18, 18, 16) for 16 years. No family, no support anywhere. 18yo daughter has significant disabilities and attacks me physically often. 16yo son has mental health issues. Ive had a very very bad day today, and for the first time in over a decade, honestly questioned whether i wanted to go on. Some days the pressures and struggles and the unfairness of it all just becomes overwhelming 😑


Re: Not coping

Hi there @Leeski101 


It is Whitehawk the moderator here. I welcome you to the forums but with a heavy heart after reading that you have had a horrid day. I am concerned that you do not know whether you want to go on. That sounds serious. I hope you are able to stay safe tonight.


Please reach out for support to the 24/7 Helplines:  Lifeline 13 11 14 or Suicide Call Back 1300 659 467 if you need to speak to someone. The SANE HelpCentre is also open 10am to 10pm to support you ph 1800 18 7263


Take care



Re: Not coping

Hi whitehawk. Thank you for replying. Im safe, and will continue to be. I have children who have no one else. Just flashed today that it would be so nice to just pick up and leave, to be by myself for a month or so, some metime. I am a carer 24/7 @and have been for 16 years now, with not one day break. Im exhausted


Re: Not coping

Hello @Leeski101,


Sorry to hear your story. It can be very socially isolating to have family members with disblities/mental health issues. I have a child (adult now) who suffers anxiety and I remember those early adulthood years as being very tough. It must be tough to be attacked by your daughter especially. I don't think that knowing an illness or disability is the cause of abuse makes it easier to bear. I made a plan to leave a difficult relationship although I never had to use it. Just knowing what your options are can be reassuring. 


Please look out for yourself as well as your children.




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