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I’ve seen a huge change in my son for the good

Two weeks ago my 28 year old son had threatened our lives and to  destroy the house we'd given him to live in. I felt like I was on the film set of hoarders going in to clean what was once a beautiful home with a pool and entertaining area. I wasn't allowed to touch things anywhere, in the kitchen he had everything organised, in reality it was piles of stuff on the kitchen bench with mice living in them. He'd convinced us if we gave him the home he'd be happy. He is now living with us while we renovate the house he was in. I was frightened at first. I'd been warned that he is capable of anything and at first everything I said was taken the wrong way. But after a week he has stopped ranting, shaking and yelling. He is very thin but has been eating a huge amount since moving in with us and in the last few days has been happy to take vitamins. He, like me has deficiencies and really needs to be careful with diet and he needs to take supplements. I'm hesitant to believe it will last but I'm relieved, he acknowledged that he was no longer shaking. It's been so very hard, it's only the beginning but it's something. 


Re: I’ve seen a huge change in my son for the good

Hey there @Harmony_seeker really glad to hear that your son has been eating, and taking vitamins with less of the challenging ranting etc. You sound to be an incredibly caring and loving parent. When you say he threatened your lives, do you both feel safe with him? Our community is here to listen Heart Your peers are here to provide you support and share their own insight. We also have the SANE Help Centre you can reach out to here for further chats. Keep us updated as to how you're going @Harmony_seeker Smiley Happy


Re: I’ve seen a huge change in my son for the good

I also found willingness to accept healthy supplements be pivotal in my son's recovery.


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Re: I’ve seen a huge change in my son for the good

Sounds like topic are on a similar journey to mess with my son. Although I haven't given him a house to live him,  I have left him look after my house for five weeks. When I returned the place was a messand he's was a mess even though he was still capable of picking mess up from the airport. He slowly declined,  almost unnoticeable.  Then he stopped sleeping went back on junk food and wandered around the shopping centres  He is now in the mental health secure unit. He's acknowledges finally I think the cause and willing to change.  The unit is making him worse and extremely restrictive and unfriendly. As it it's the weekend I can't get to speak with the doctor.  

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