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Fatigue and Psychosis



Is it normal after an episode of psychosis to feel drained and exhausted throughout the day, even if I haven't achieved much throughout that day? Sometimes I feel so fatigued that I need to nap but I never used to be this way prior to my episode. 


Re: Fatigue and Psychosis

For me it's normal. I find it takes about a month for my brain to 'reset' after psychotic episodes. I also find my body has to readjust to medication which I may be prescribed to stave off psychotic symptoms. Most of my antipsychotic medications, I find really sedating. 


Re: Fatigue and Psychosis

Can you combat it? Or is it something you have to work around?


I'm worried when I complete my studies that it will be a struggle to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. 


Re: Fatigue and Psychosis

@WillowMay  it is totally normal the meds can be a lot of it as well so ask your doctor about options around that. but even aside from the meds it is still normal to be tired for me it depends how long it lasted and how intense it was but can be anywhere from 1-6 months beofre i feel normal again provided something else doesnt happen inbetween. as for working/studying there isnt much you can do to make the tiredness go away but sometimes you can structure your day differently to make yourself more productive but dont feel bad if you need time off sometimes it cant be helped. sorry that isnt a geeat answer but that is just my experience. 


Re: Fatigue and Psychosis

Hi @WillowMay and welcome to the forums.  I'm glad you've found us.  I've had several periods of psychosis in my life due to bipolar 1 compounded by complex PTSD which can trigger bipolar swings.  My experiences after coming out of psychosis have varied.  There have been times when I've crashed into major depression, but in those days I wasn't on nearly as effective meds, was totally isolated socially and from family, and had sh!++y life circumstances, and some of them were before the bipolar was eventually diagnosed.  But the last time it happened I just gradually de-escalated through mania to hypomania (less manic) to reasonably balanced.  Kinded of floated back to reality.  Being on a much better regime of meds is partly responsible for the improvement for sure, but so is having a much better life these days (strong supports, stable housing, good psychologist and psychiatrist), and having learned to regain insight faster (which it sounds like you have) and thus self-manage more in terms of sleep hygeine (google it if you haven't heard of it), diet, strategies for coping and recognising and defusing early possible triggers or mood tendencies.

Who knows, once you get a better understanding and management working may well be good for you and help keep you more focussed and stable.  

This is a long way of saying there are just so many variables and it's different for everyone.

Hope you feel safe to share openly (which you are doing well) and find the support you are looking for here on the forums.  

If you want to tag a particular person use the @ symbol then type their name slowly with no spaces and you should see a drop down menu with the name which you click on.

Take care, @eth 


Re: Fatigue and Psychosis

Hi @WillowMay
I have had 2 bouts d psychosis & took some time off (6 months to get over the shock of it all) but for the last 3 years I have worked a full time job.
For some it is very doable & yes the blah & fatigue fades so you can resume normal life.
Keep persevering & you'll get there 👍

Re: Fatigue and Psychosis

@Coffeelover  , is that you my awesome friend , soo wonderful to see you xxxxx

Hello and hugs @WillowMay , @eth , @Eden1919 , @Queenie 


Re: Fatigue and Psychosis

Hi @WillowMay @Shaz51 @Coffeelover @Queenie @Eden1919   hoping you're all doing ok today.  Wondering if your fatigue has passed by now @WillowMay ?  Nice to see you drop in on the Long Rave thread too.

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